Cane Hill
Kill the Sun

01. 86d – No Escort
02. Empty
03. Save Me
04. Kill the Sun
05. Acid Rain
06. Smoking Man

Elijah Witt - vocals
James Barnett - guitar
Ryan Henriquez - bass
Devin Clark - drums

Cane Hill (EP 2015)
Smile (2016)
Too Far Gone (2018)



Released 2019-01-18
Reviewed 2019-02-04

rise records

Cane Hill is a band that released their debut EP in 2015, now they release a new EP called Kill the Sun. Between these two EPs they have released two albums, the latest one in 2018. And now they take to a more mellow side of themselves, a weirder side as well. A twisted, dark and semi-acoustic six-track EP is what they are offering; at least that is what the press information says. At least the artwork is very nice, it features an eclipsed sun and some nice colours – I like that, but what about the music.

Alice in Chains is namedropped a lot by those that review this EP, and why not? It bears a strong resemblance or similitude to said band. They sound quite modern, a touch of grunginess, but also modern rock/metal. They have a fairly fresh sound here, semi-acoustic, I would describe it as a rather dark and also quite mellow. The tempo is fairly low and there is no noticeable up-tempo stuff, decent vocals that are quite reminiscent of said Alice in Chains. I think we can call the production quite good; the EP is also short enough and varied enough albeit it would have been helped by a somewhat more dynamic sound.

Nice is one word that can be used to describe this EP, the songs are good and I wouldn’t say that there are any major flaws to notice. The EP is missing that little bit extra though, it doesn’t feel very exciting and I don’t think there is any real standout track. I think that the title track is the most memorable of the six; none of them is overly memorable though. The sense is that it is something of a curiosity for the fans, showing a different side, perhaps a more exciting side of the band. Perhaps they should explore parts of this while also going for the heavier stuff, creating a more interesting dynamic. This EP would probably have been better with a bit more dynamic sound and more depth.

Fans of the band will like this and if you are one of those you certainly should have a look at this one, it will probably go down well with a wider audience too even though I doubt it will be remembered some time from now. It is an EP that works but it will never be good enough to kill the sun.





Label: Rise Records
Three similar bands: Alice In Chains/P.O.D/Il Nino

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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