By Aim
The Remedy

01. Some Kind of Voodoo
02. Carry Me Home
03. Man on the Edge
04. Minus M
05. Together Apart
06. Grüving
07. Louder Than Reggae


Voodoo Vendetta (2016)


Recorded at Weird Pony Studios and Sonart Productions
Produced, mixed and mastered by Björn Stegerling
Cover and artwork by Ebba Lindgren

Released 2019-06-02
Reviewed 2019-06-25


We are dealing with some kind of voodoo and other things when taking on The Remedy that happens to be the second album of the Swedish band By Aim. The digipak version of this album also contains the debut album Voodoo Vendetta as additional songs and the playing time is still quite sensible. The new album plays for about half an hour so it is short and to the point, split on seven tracks. The cover might not be the coolest but I guess it illustrates a band that is anonymous, at least I had no luck in finding out the members of the band – I only know of Dennis who sent me the album. But what about the music?

Classic heavy rock music that could be compared with a smattering of bands in this genre while still remaining fresh and relatively personal – it must be some kind of voodoo. The vocals are good, classic hardrock but really good and I like the sound – quite modern yet classic. It is a familiar sounding album with a relatively fresh sound and good ideas, even with the bonus of the debut album the album feels sensible in playing time and those songs fit together quite well. But The Remedy is a dynamic and catchy album with a short sensible playing time.

I like this album, it is appealing in many ways with really strong songs and good energy. I even like to listen through the double feature that is both these albums and I don’t see any real weaknesses. Perhaps the whistling in the Together Apart is one of those things I could do without but despite that this song is my favourite on the album but there are quite a few strong songs and I can play through the alum many times. It is hard to argue against some kind of voodoo and some man on the edge and other things that are being offered by the guys in By Aim, they do what they do really well and most people will enjoy this album – I know I do.

So play this album louder than reggae and enjoy it, Hallowed hereby recommends this album as we knows that it will suit you really well. It is classic heavy rock music with strong fairly modern production and personable style, an album that is familiar yet does enough to stand out from the mainstreams. Clearly a piece that is well worth checking out and to enjoy at volumes that is much louder than reggae.





Label: Independent
Three similar bands: AC/DC /Thin Lizzy/The Hellacopters

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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