Break Down the Gate

01. Are You Shining?
02. You're Just What You're Fighting For
03. My Darkest Shadow
04. Violet Song
05. Dirty Paradise
06. Fear Killing Anthem
07. Jackhammer
08. Amy And Me
09. You Cannot Hurt Me
10. I'll Snatch Your Tongue
11. I'm Too Old
12. Idea4

Remo Ferrari - Vocals & Bass
Dave Pola - Guitars
Luca Ferraresi - Drums


Alex De Rosso - Lead Guitar on "You're Just What You're Fighting For"
Luca Princiotta - Lead Guitar on "Snatch Your Tongue"

Produced by Bullring
All songs engineered, mixed & mastered by Alessandro Ascari @ Flatroom Studio (Soliera - MO - ITALY) except "Are You Shining" mixed & mastered by Roberto Priori @ Pristudio (Bologna - ITALY)
Artwork & graphics by Aeglos Art

Released 2019-09-20
Reviewed 2019-11-05

burning minds group

Bullring comes up with an album called Break Down the Gate; it is their debut album. It is a band that moves fairly quickly with a debut just the year after their formation, a trio that consist in a big part by members who have been playing in a band doing Aerosmith covers. That along with a press release loaded with band names of classic hard rockers makes me think that it is an album that doesn’t offer much that we haven’t already heard and unfortunately that assumption is correct, they do not surprise me at all.

It is classic hard rock, kind of styled like much Italian hard rock with catchy choruses and pretty classic riffs, chords and melodies. There is little chance to feel surprised by what is on offer on this album, but the production is rather good and I like the singer who has good authority and power in his voice and I would say that the vocals on this album are strong. The variation is okay through the twelve tracks and the playing time is fairly decent but perhaps a little bit too long.

This is a good hard rock album, a showcase of solid craftsmanship in the music and an alum that is fairly enjoyable to listen to. The songs are quite good, the lack of originality isn’t an upside but I think I can live with that and enjoy the album. Sure it will not go down in history as one of the more memorable albums released in 2019, but that can be said about most albums released in 2019 both good albums and bad ones and this is certainly one of the former.

I think that all songs on this album is rather good, the fifth one called Dirty Paradise is probably the most memorable one but all the songs are of almost equal quality. So if you like the more classic hard rock I am quite sure that you will like this album, it presses all the right buttons and doesn’t do anything that is outside the box, perfect for the majority of people who fear anything different. I think that it isn’t very exciting but it is rather good.




Label: Street Symphonies Records/Burning Minds Music Group
Three similar bands: Aerosmith/Whitesnake/Firmo
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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