Broken Ego
Avenue to Wonderland

1. Electric Girl
2. Get Away
3. Rescue Me
4. See You Soon
5. Nobody Is Real
6. Everything Is Perfect
7. Never Know
8. Not Alone
9. Getting Higher
10. Do It Again
11. Retrocalypse (instrumental)
12. To The Edge Of Forever

Chris Ego - Vocals, keys, vocoder
"Captain" Mani Strasser - Guitar
Max Cor - Bass
Jo Marchart - Drums

Love & Decay In 16 Bit (EP 2011)

Track 4) 'See You Soon' feat. Christian Eigner on drums
Tracks 5) 'Nobody Is Real', 8) 'Not Alone', 9) 'Getting Higher' feat. female choir 'Voices Of Volunteers'

Words & Music: Chris Ego
Recorded, mixed and produced by: Norbert Leitner, Vienna (AT)
Mastered by: Streaky, London (UK)
Artwork: Tony Skeor (UKR)
Photos: Dr. Colin Vickers, Vienna (AT)

Released 2018-11-09
Reviewed 2019-02-26


The ego might be broken somehow but it is still the guy called Chris Ego that does most stuff for this album, plays instruments, does vocals and all, the others are probably live guys who have done very little in the recording of this album. The first album for this band, they had an EP released in 2011 but then it has been silent. And they claim that the style has been a bit changed since then as well. Now they are offering 44 minutes of music split on a dozen tracks where one is a short instrumental track and where we can find a guest appearance from a Depeche Mode guy.

Electro pop/rock states the press material and that isn’t a too bad description of what you get to hear. Catchy disco rock is another way this album can be described, kind of makes you want to dance – if you are one who likes that sort of thing. The sound is dominated by the electronic and I think it is quite good, the vocalist is also okay and sometimes he is distorted. The variation over the track is quite alright, there are some almost schizophrenic moments but overall it is quite coherent and that sort of thing. It is also short and to the point, something that is always a positive. But I am not sure that it offers an avenue to wonderland.

It may not make too much new ground in terms of the music but it feels relatively fresh, something that I see as positive. The overall feel of this album is positive, upbeat is another word I would use, with good energy and mood. It is an album that improves the mood of the listener and it is fairly likeable even though I don’t see it as a standout album. There are however some songs, like Electric Girl to mention one, that stand out really well and had it not been for tracks like the instrumental penultimate track that just feels wrong, and other weaker tracks, it would have been an excellent album but now I just think that it is a good one. Broken Ego does not quite take me to wonderland despite trying to convince me that everything is perfect – I don’t believe him.

But in the end I think that we should consider this album to be rather good, it has some really convincing tracks and I like the positive mood it offers. It is a good change to all those grey, dark, long-haired and dull metal guys who take themselves way too seriously, we need more band that offers a lighter mood and more positive energy. These guys do their best and I don’t think anyone can be too negative about an album like this, I know that it gets me into a slightly better mood and that alone should be a reason to look a little bit more closely at it.






Label: Echozone
Three similar bands: Scandroid/Fotocrime/Depeche Mode
Rating: HHH
HHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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