Conspiracy Theorist

1. Inaugural address
2. Whistle Blower
3. No Privacy
4. Subterranean
5. Ink Spill
6. The Hum
7. My Disclosure
8. Geo Engineering
9. Banksters
10. Conspiracy Theorist

Christian Mongrain-Thériault - guitar, vocals
Éric Séguin - bass, vocals
Patrick Gagné - drums



Recorded by Christian M.T.
Mixed by Francis C. Beaulieu
Mastered by Yannick St-Amand
Cover Art by Marie-Jeanne Lemieux
Pictures by Jean-Francois Girard

Released 2019-02-15
Reviewed 2019-03-03


Canadian backstabbers who offers some conspiracies, and media criticisms is what we get to deal with when we look into the debut offering of Quebec trio Backstabber’s debut album. It has been given a rather neat artwork, playing on the alien conspiracies and UFO sort of thing. And I have read some things about the band commenting on conspiracies of all kinds, and their album Conspiracy Theorist have ten tacks on the subject. When taking on this album I did it with the question: is it as good as it looks from the cover art?

The answer is no. It isn’t that fantastic. I would describe this as a fairly normal death metal album, perhaps gravitating towards the melodic death metal thing. With traditional growling and no clean vocal they take a conservative approach and don’t really offer anything we haven’t heard before. I would say that the sound isn’t brilliant, there are better produced albums in this genre, and the vocalist isn’t brilliant either. It is kind of like a fairly ordinary death metal album, no surprises. At least they keep it relatively short so you will not die from overexposure before it ends.

I am not impressed. I don’t think Backstabber offer us anything that we haven’t heard before, and I think it was done better many of the times we heard it before. And that’s a bit sad as I think conspiracies are fun and had they done a good take on those it would have been pretty interesting, but they don’t so I have to describe this as a rather uninteresting release. Sure, the songs are not bad or anything, they just aren’t interesting or great – a collection of ten indifferent tracks.

Perhaps it will be interesting if you like the similar bands or stuff in that region of musical landscapes. So, if you are one of those fans perhaps you ought to check this one out. Otherwise I am not so sure it will work too well for you. Of course you could de better or worse than this for a debut but how do you move on from indifferent, how do you make a difference when your debut doesn’t really show anything but okay death metal? Perhaps with some more alien influence they could have an interesting future.





Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Kataklysm/Hypocrisy/Decapitated

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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