Alex Carole
Carole Cinema

1. Welcome Suite
2. Carole Cinema
3. Shoplifting Career
4. Shadowrun
5. World Celebration
6. Trial Regulator
7. The Cinema Show
8. Great Potion Of Love
9. Good Night
10. At The Movies

Alex Carole - Vocals and Guitar
Jon Murray Calander - Bass
Mats Larsson - Drums

Vol 1. (2009)
Vol. 2: The Death of Alex Carole (2014)



Released 2019-08-16
Reviewed 2019-10-23


sound pollution

As I don’t really know how to open this little review I steel from the press material: “Alex Carole is a rockband. Or a man, an alter ego, or maybe just a collective stream of melodies coming from where? Everything seems a bit odd at the moment, and even we are searching for the real answers. Or is it the questions we're looking for? Carole Cinema - A Rock Opera in 10 acts. - A journey inwards. A snapshot of a life. A me from afar... "Alex" in a Technicolor dream.” It is the third album from the Alex Carole things, I did review Vol. 2 some years ago and it was well received by us here at Hallowed so chances are that this can be good as well.

Musically it is pretty classic hard rock, kind of similar to what I wrote about the earlier album that was the death of Alex Carole, this is maybe the movie about him. The thing is though, for a cinematic idea it is a bit uneventful and more like eighties poppy rock with a bit more bite, the vocals are good and the production is pretty good as well. The originality isn’t the biggest strength of this album as it doesn’t offer too much of that but with ten tracks and a decent variation as well as playing time it still manages to seem relatively relevant.

A good album was the spontaneous reaction when listening to this album, but not a great one as it never really grabs my fullest attention. The movie lacks ideas and only a Technicolor dream isn’t quite enough to make a movie that is worthy of the fullest attention. It should appeal to those who liked the previous album, the songs are pretty good and there are no major flaws. But I miss that outstanding song, the album equivalent of the shower scene in High Anxiety – the album is missing something memorable like that.

There some smaller highlights and the most memorable is the ending track At the Movies, that might just be down to it ending the alum rather than it being the most memorable track – it is often easiest to remember what you hear last or first when listening to an album. The lack of originality and outstanding tracks is a slight flaw but the album is solid and will most likely appeal to those enjoying this kind of music.






Label: Changes Musi/Sound Pollution
Three similar bands: Cheap Trick/The Savages/The Hives

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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