A Hero For the World
The Lion King Rock Opera

1. Circle of Life (Power Metal Version)
2. I Just Can't Wait To Be King
3. Be Prepared
4. Hakuna Matata
5. Shadowland / King of Pride Rock (From “The Lion King Musical”)
6. The Lion Sleeps Tonight
7. Endless Night (From "The Lion King Musical")
8. Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Power Metal Version)
9. We Are One (From “The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride”)

Jacob Kaasgaard - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Bass, Drums, Choirs & Orchestra
Louie Ryan – Female Vocals

A Hero For the World (2013)
On Fire (EP 2013)
Winter Is Coming (A Holiday Rock Opera) (2013)

West to East Part I - Frontier Vigilante (2017)
CineRock (2017)
Winter Is Here (A Holiday Rock Opera Pt. 2) (2018)

West to East Part II - Space Ranger (2019)

Kalebe Oggioni - Lead and rhythm guitars
Felipe Gruber - Rhythm guitars

Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Jacob Kaasgaard

Released 2019-07-19
Reviewed 2019-08-17




A diligent hero for this world, but not a creative hero with ideas that can change it but at least the sixth album that was released in February was the first by this hero that received a good rating. A new album has already arrived just five months later, this time with songs from The Lion King, covers from the movies and musical. The cover looks pretty good but like so many other records these days it lacks imagination, why make a record of covers if you only want to make slightly different versions of the originals?

That is what it is Lion Kingish songs that feels a bit cartoonish – good songs, sure but they lack ideas. Did he just want to keep releasing albums quickly so he needed to take songs that others had already written for him, with him I mean Kaasgaard who is the man behind the thing. He does most of the stuff but also has the help of a female singer that is heard from time to time – this album is quite similar to his other works, and to the cartoon songs. Not much variation, perhaps it needs some animated lions and dialogue to feel more interesting – the album feels quite long, especially if you play the many bonus tracks that are many different versions of the same songs.

I think that the songs in the movie are better and more interesting; they are certainly more original than these copies. I would have liked an album with strong metallic versions or original songs inspired by the movie and the songs in it – this is just lazy, and boring. It is kind of back to the same as it was before, unimaginative music that would have been better unmade. Perhaps that is a little bit mean but if he did less and more original stuff I am sure Kaasgaard could have given us three or four really good albums instead of one good and six mediocre or worse albums.

Music and movies today are quite dull and they often lack originality, just lock at all the superhero crap that comes today and all those copycat albums that is being released all the time. I have to wonder what happened with the funny ideas that was present in the previous album, did The Orville crash into the savannah and was taken over by some crazy lions that were singing covers of songs from an animated movie. My cat didn’t like it, and he likes The Lion King but not this one and not the stupid new version by the equally unoriginal and greedy morons at Disney. Check out the previous album, it is a lot better than this one – this is a waste of time and lazy.






Label: Independent
Tre liknande band:
Cryonic Temple/Metalium/Insania [Stockholm]
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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