Wrath of the Wilds

01. Wrath Of The Wilds
02. Reptilian King
03. Vittramark
04. The Ghost Ligh’s Dance
05. Cry Of The Nameless
06. On Tattered Wings
07. Nightmare
08. Invocation (intro)
09. Feast Of The Mountain Kin

Tiamat Invictuz – Vocals/Guitars
Lator Mortis –Guitars
Lord Arktos –Bass
King Antichrist –Drums



Mixed And Mastered By Ronnie Björnström EAP 2017

Released 2018-04-20
Reviewed 2018-05-26

black lion

Wormlight, a name that sounds like something from Sweden I think. And their music is also something that sounds like it is from our fair nation; from the northern parts was my guess. That was before reading the press sheet that told me that my guesses were completely correct, the band is from Umeå in the more northern parts of Sweden and this album called Wrath of the Wilds is their debut album. And I would say that it certainly looks very exciting with a nice cover and all that, and the music isn’t too bad either.

On the subject of music, it can be described as atmospheric black metal with icy dark tracks that takes you on an exciting adventure through dark musical landscapes. I think the growly vocals are really good, as is the production – quite an impressive soundscape. Perhaps the album is a bit on the long side with a playing time of close to an hour, which in most albums is too long but the atmosphere makes this long playing time a lot more acceptable. I think it sounds a bit like the cold winter of northern Sweden with darkness, cold temperatures and lots of snow – that kind of thing.

Right from the first play I can hear that this is one of the best black metal releases I have heard in a while, it has depth, good atmosphere and good songs – not something you can say about all black metal. This is a fairly fresh album, it has good character and besides the slightly long playing time I don’t think it has any weaknesses. Perhaps no standout tracks either, I think the opening title track is the one I like the best but the songs are close and it is the atmosphere and the really strong soundscapes that is the best part of the album. I think this one should appeal to the fans of the blacker kind of metal, a quality production.

Might be describes as surprisingly good, it pushes some of the right buttons and works really well. And I would recommend that those of you who like blacker metal or just more atmospheric and doomy, dark metal – this album will appeal to you, and definitely a frontrunner amongst albums in this genre this year. I like it and thanks to the really strong music I can overlook the really weak band name.







Label: Black Lion Records
Three similar bands: Sons Ov Omega/Torn Apart/Graveless
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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