1. Cursed
2. Oblomov
3. Les Fleurs du Mal
4. Hover Above Me
5. Delusion
6. Vipers Choirs
7. Interlude
8. Pessimist
9. Doomed
10. Loathe

Hadrien - vocals
Kevin - bass
Nicolas - drums
Al - guitar
JP - guitar

None Above / None Equal (2016)



Released 2018-03-16
Reviewed 2018-03-28


Wolves from France are what we are looking at today, a pack of them. And it is on their second album we are focusing our attention today, this album is called Loathe and it has a fairly average styled artwork neither really better or worse than much else that floats around. The band is described as French ambassadors of the metal hardcore style of music. Not really an album where the artwork would appeal you to buy it but perhaps the style of music as hardcore fans will most likely find this to be an appealing album.

On the music side it is not really a standout album, it is metal, hardcore or metalcore with plenty of energy, raw and powerful vocals as well as high energy. Modern production with powerful sound, I think we can describe it as a good production. Decent variation as well, but the album is short and very much to the point with only 27 minutes of playing time on ten tracks. Ten solid tracks that should appeal to fans of the Metal hardcore genre, so if you are one of those I would describe this album as a good prospect.

Likeable stuff with good songs, plenty of energy and power and I find it a rather appealing album. Perhaps not a standout album, it lacks that little standout moment that makes it stick with you and that makes you want to play the album several times over. But it is good nonetheless and worth checking out if you like the similar bands or this band’s first album.

From my many plays of this album I can now conclude that I think that it is a good album, well crafted with good songs – it will please the fans of the band and the genre. Fans who usually don’t like albums with –core in the name will most likely not be swayed by this new work from Wolfpack, they seem to be targeting those who like the format and don’t really to anything to go outside the established box. To me Loathe is a very solid album that offers some pretty strong music, the fresh ambassadors might not offer the best album of the year but they offer a good one.






Label: BDHW/Soulfood
Three Similar bands: Nasty/Bodysnatcher/Malevolence
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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