White Widdow

1. Victory
2. Fight For Love
3. Second Hand Heart
4. Late Night Liason
5. Danced In The Moonlight
6. Love And Hate
7. Reach Up
8. Anything
9. America
10. Run And Hide

Jules Millis - lead vocals
Xavier Millis - Keyboards & Vocals
Enzo Almanzi - Guitars
Ben Webster - Bass
Gavin Hill- Drums

White Widdow (2010)
Serenade (2011)
Crossfire (2014)
Silhouette (2016)



Released 2018-10-19
Reviewed 2018-10-16


aor heaven

Album number five for Australia’s White Widdow, an album they call Victory. They haven’t exactly given it a victorious artwork, but the same can be said about the previous three albums I have reviewed by the band, the have also had titles in one word. The only White Widdow album I haven’t reviewed for Hallowed was their 2010 debut, I think the one called Crossfire was the best so far but they have all been fairly similar in style with ten tracks and similar playing time etc. So what about this ten-track album, does it signify a step forward, or backward, or sideward for the band?

Well, in terms of style I think that anyone knowing the band’s earlier albums will recognise this as White Widdow, they haven’t really done anything different from their previous effort. The style is catchy AOR with distinct choruses, many keys and strong melodies. The production is quite good and the vocalist is also fairly good, nothing that really stands out or surprise anyone. The ten tracks play for ten tracks, forty minutes is the playing time – a sensible playing time for an album of the AOR category.

Solid album not a victorious one, good tracks and decent energy - I like the melodies and they have decent energy. Those who like what the band has done before will find this at least as agreeable, I don’t think it any better or worse than what they have done before. It is not as good as the album Crossfire that I found to be a very good album, this one is good but it will not make much of a dent in the world of music. It is for the initiated crowd, the band’s fans and the fans of the AOR genre will find this most entertaining while the more peripheral fans will find it to be just another typical AOR-album.

The conclusion is that we have another one of those solid AOR albums that is quite enjoyable to listen to for a while but also one that is forgotten rather quickly. I think it works for those already into the band but I doubt it will win them too many new fans; it is too forgettable to really stand out. Another good conclusion is that White Widdow does their thing; they do what they have always done.







Label: AOR Heaven
Three similar bands: Big Life/Sepentine/Toto
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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