We Have The Moon
Till The Morning Comes

1. Y.D.S.U.Y.S
2. Till the Morning Comes
3. Killer Party
4. Definitely Not A Serenade
5. The Score 0-3
6. 02:00 AM Pasta Break
7. Unreasonable
8. This Is What We Love The Most
9. Lovely Lights
10. A Ghost Friend of Mine
11. Bedtime (Outro)

Makku – Screams, Cleans and Synth
Morse – Guitar and Backing Vocals
Corey – Bass and Backing Vocals
Gedd – Drums and Clean Vocals






rockshots records

Moon is what they have, the guys from Italy that make up the band that is called We Are the Moon. Till the Morning Comes is their debut album and it has a really good-looking cover artwork, it looks really exciting. And the band is compared with Enter Shikari that received a good rating for their latest album that I wrote about last year. So you could claim that this album shows a bit of promise with good artwork and compared with a band I like. They are described in the press material as partycore so perhaps they are targeting the nightly crowds, those who parties long into the night during those warm summer nights. I am not really one of those party people but that doesn’t mean that I can’t like the album – so how about it.

Overall I don’t think the music is that fresh or exciting, we have heard it before and if you know the similar bands you have a decent frame of reference of what to expect from this. Kind of positive post hardcore with some metalcore elements and some dancier things as well – perhaps a few fresh ideas but the overall feel is quite similar to that of most bands in this genre. It is good that they keep it short and to the point, and the songs are of the usual variety and can be considered to be what you can expect from an album of this character.

Optimistic rock for the party night, the party people will probably enjoy this album a fair bit. It is a pretty good album. It is not a very adventurous album, not creatively exciting either. I think the album needs a standout track, one of those hits that makes you want to play this album over and over and also makes the album stand out compared with other bands in the genre. Chances are that the album will be lost amongst the multitude of similar music that exist as it is an album that lacks those things that makes an album stand out.

Not quite there even though I don’t think it has any clear weaknesses, perhaps it is good for those party nights, but perhaps those party people aren’t really looking for novelty to the same extent as I do. First and foremost an album needs something that makes it stand out in order for it to be really good and the only stand out thing about this album is the cover artwork. In the end we can describe this as a good album but not a standout one.






Label: Rockshots Records
Three similar bands: Enter Shikari/Asking Alexandria/Eskimo Callboy
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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