Wang Wen
Invisible City

1. Daybreak
2. Stone Scissors
3. Mail from the River
4. Lost in Train Station
5. Solo Dance
6. Bamboo Crane
7. Silenced Dalian
8. Outro

Xie Yugang
Geng Xin
Xu Zengzheng
Zhou Lianjiang
Zhang Yanfeng

Diary Of 28 Sleepless Days 二十八天失眠日记 (2003)
RE: RE: RE: ‎(2006)
0306 EP (2007)
7 Objects In Another Infinite Space (2007)
IV ‎(2008)
L & R ‎(2010)
0.7 (2012)
Eight Horses (2014)

Sweet Home Go! (2016)


Produced with Wouter and Lode Vlaminck
Artwork by Cen Jun

Released 2018-09-28
Reviewed 2018-10-18


pelagic records

Wang Wen are apparently a band from an invisible and grim city somewhere in the northern region of the obscure nation called China, they are now releasing an album called Invisible City. It is the latest album in their fairly long career where the debut album saw the light of day and they have managed quite a few albums since then – we have reviewed two of them here at Hallowed. Their 2014 effort Eight Horses was very good and the 2016 release Sweet Home Go! Was not far behind so we could be forgiven for having some expectations ahead of the work with this album.

An album that can be described as post-rock or instrumental rock, it is atmospheric and dramatic. It has the feel of being far from civilised society, kind of like visiting Norway or China, or something like that. The musical landscapes are painted in nice broad strokes with good sense of colour and feel, the cover art is actually quite telling about how it sounds. The production is quite impressive too, and the one who knows the band’s earlier works will recognise the sound as they play on the same styles as they have done before, and they do it well.

Not their best album to date but a good one with strong songs, melodies, atmospheres and soundscapes – a decent musical artwork and a really strong showing of craftsmanship. I think they have better albums in their arsenal but those who enjoy what the band have done before will most likely enjoy this album as well as it presses more or less the same buttons as the previous albums even though I think the two albums preceding it are better.

Getting to the conclusion, mine is that this is a good album that will please the band’s existing fans and some post-rock fans as well. I think that it is a rather good album, quite interesting and well-produced and a fine effort by a fine band – I think that could be a good conclusion. And a silly ending note can be that it is a visible album by a band from an invisible city.






Label: Pelagic Records
Three similar bands:
Godspeed You! Black Emperor/Mogwai/Mono
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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