Two are One
A Question of Time

1. A Question of Time
2. Victim on the Run
3. It's my way of lovin'you
4. Birds of a Feather
5. Stand by Me
6. Rose in the Garden
7. Go Girl
8. No More
9. I ask you now
10. No Mercy
11. I saw you
12. Stella
13. So cold
14. Changes
15. He Broke my wings on that christmas night

Klaus Henatsch – Vocals,Keyboards
Martina Maschke – Vocals


Ralf Nowy - alto saxophone (track 4)
Bernd Klose - backing vocals (tracks: 2,7,8,9,10,11)
Kalle Bösel - backing vocals (tracks: 2,7,8,9,10,11)
Hans Dieter Lorenz - bass (tracks: 1,6,9,10,12)
Karel Adam - bass (tracks: 7,8,11)
Klaus-Peter Matziol - bass (track 4)
Steven Toeteberg - bass (track 5)
Daniel Hafstein - drums (tracks: 7,8,11)
Dirk Schroeter - drums (tracks: 3,5)
Lutz Halfter - drums (tracks: 1,2,6,9,10,12)
Bernd Voss - guitar (track 5)
Kai Reuter - guitar (tracks: 1,2,6,7,8,9,10,11,12)
Peter Jordan - guitar (track 3)
Frank Schroeter - keyboards (tracks: 3,5,6)

Recorded at Basement-Studio, Hannover

Released 2018-03-27
Reviewed 2018-04-21

minotauro records

A Question of Time for this duo called two are one, a duo with just one release to their name – the 1995 release called A Question of Time. That it as album that has been out of print for a while and difficult to get, and now it comes with two bonus tracks. Described as something that leaves you breathless and a female singer with a smokey voice, but it is still a question of time, can an album released in 1995 really feel that relevant as a new release in 2018? I am not so sure.

It is female fronted AOR with catchy choruses lots of keys and that sort of things, it is very much according to the format of the particular genre and no real surprises. I don’t think they have remastered the album as it sounds a bit dated, it really sounds like something from the early nineties or late eighties, which of course it is so it might have sounded quite a bit more exciting, back then. Now the album sounds much like too many other albums I have heard in this genre, not too much that stands out, we get the typical selection of songs and I would describe the album as a bit on the long side.

Can’t say that I am overly impressed, it is a good album but nothing that really stands out, and perhaps that is due to the question of time. Had I reviewed it in 1995 I might have seen it in a different light but now many albums like this or better are being released on a very regular basis, and unfortunately for this album it doesn’t really stand out compared with everything else that arrives within this genre. Sure there are good songs, everything they do can be described as good but nothing about it really catches me as a listener and in the end I think it is a solid but rather forgettable release. Perhaps it is a good chance for the ones who has been trying to find a copy of this hard to get album.

So in the end it is for you who have been yearning to find a copy of this album but personally I think there are lots of better choices in this genre, like the recently released super album by W.E.T. to name one, and there are of course many others to chose from as well. This feels more like a curiosity than something you buy for the quality of it.






Label: Minotauro Records
Three similar bands: Queen Of Spades/Merry N/Legend
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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