1. Upon the Forge of Hephaestus
2. Dead Sun
3. Echoes of the Silenced
4. Crowned
5. Tethered to the Tide
6. The Divide
7. Alexandria
8. DeluZion
9. Dysphoria
10. Veins of Ambrosia


Tim Leopold - Vocals
Luke Ashley - Guitar
Sean Solley - Guitar
Matt Ambrose - Bass
Tim Joyce - Drums

Machina (EP 2014)


Recorded & mixed at Monolith Studios by Chris Themelco
Mastered at Panic Room Studios by Thomas Plec Johansson
Art by Janan Isk

Released 2018-01-05
Reviewed 2018-02-17


hellfire records

Science Fiction themed melodic death metal has to be described as a rather appealing prospect I think since I like both these forms of expression. But hang on a minute, says the eagle-eyed melodeath fan; Trigger, isn’t that a song by In Flames? It sure is. And this band is clearly inspired by bands like In Flames but also the more regular heavy metal bands like Maiden or their peers, kind of similar to many of the modern melodic death metal bands.

Cryogenesis is the debut album by this Australian band, they released the EP Machina in 2014 and now they are releasing their first album. It is a conceptual album and guitarist Luke Ashley like describes the theme as follows: “Cryogenesis is a science-fiction narrative that addresses the struggle of gods and man. These historical demigods are all too real and not of this world; constantly vying for cultural control and dominion over humanity.” It is an age-old theme that has been used over and over, most of the time with pretty dismal results – especially when it comes to movies. So what about this story told by Trigger then?

Interesting artwork, pretty telling for the theme of the album I think. It is melodic death metal with plenty of emphasis on melodies and catchiness, the sound is really good and the vocals work rather well. Okay variation albeit a bit long album where the playing time could have been somewhat shorter but it is not that big of a drawback. It could be seen as more of a drawback that they aren’t exactly breaking any new ground in terms of their style. But infectious catchiness and strong melodies can make up for a lot of that and I think that it is an easy album to like.

Formidable ending where the final track Veins of Ambrosia is quite great and ends the album in an excellent way. And the album is good overall, the tracks work really well even though they aren’t exactly the most exciting tracks I have heard from a creative standpoint but those of you who like the melodic death metal genre will find this album most appealing I think. And it is probably an album that can work well for most metal fans considering how catchy and good the best songs are.

I think that this is an album worth checking out, chances are that you will like it especially if you enjoy the melodic death metal genre. So the conclusion will have to be that Trigger has put together a rather strong debut album that might be the starting point of something very interesting, it has an excellent ending.





Label: Hellfire Records
Three similar bands: In Flames/Trivium/Iron Maiden

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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