Tommy and the Commies
Here Come

1. Devices
2. Straight Jacket
3. Permanent Fixture
4. Hurtin' Boys
5. Suckin' In Your 20's
6. Throwaway Love
7. So Happy
8. Reggie Rocks

Tommy Commy
Jeff Houle
Mitch Houle



Mastered by Tim Warren
Recorded at the Piss Factory, Sudbury, Canada
Photos by Brandon Gray
Artwork by Christian Pelletier

Released 2018-09-28
Reviewed 2018-09-19


Tommy and his commies arrive on the scene with their debut album Here Come. It is not exactly an album with the most attractive album artwork, it looks kind of punkish and that is probably how you can describe the album when it comes to the music as well. Album might be pushing it a little bit as the eight tracks plays for a fairly short period of time.

As straightforward as the punk rock genre usually is with songs that goes into high gear from the first second, more or less. Pretty catchy and energetic music, I think The Ramones is a famous band that you can compare them to if you want a band for reference. DIY-feel to the music as well, pretty basic, straightforward music with good energy and it is not a particularly varied album. Not much dynamics when it all goes through in high gear from the beginning to end, it is a simple album.

Punk can be quite great or it can be rather boring, this album is more towards the latter than the former. The songs sounds pretty good at first glance but after hearing them a few times I tend to grow fairly tired with them. But it is not a bad album, opening track Devices is a great start and a classic punk rock track, but then I start loosing interest and the tracks don’t really do that much for me and in the end I tend to feel that I have heard better punk rock albums than this one.

Perhaps it is something for you who enjoy the punkier stuff, it is simple and straightforward, kind of an archetype for a punk-rocking album. It is also short and straight to the point, which is good. But I am not really that impressed, I have heard better albums than this and also more special albums than this one. Here come the end of this review that states that Tommy and his commies has put together an okay punk-rock album but it is not really that exciting.






Label: Slovenly Records
Three similar bands: The Ramones/Buzzcocks/Marked Men

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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