1. Liar (Fool's Gold)
2. Little Jenny
3. Star
4. Rain
5. Into the Sun
6. Painted Lady
7. Revolution
8. Man of Clay
9. I'm With You
10. On the Brink
11. King Rat
12. Vampire


Marc LaFrance - Vocals
Brice Tabish - Guitars
Rob Becker - Bass
Kelly Stodola - Drums

What's the World (2006)
Heavyweight (2016)

Rod 'Doc' Coogan - guitar solo
Chris Gestrin - piano
Cameron Wilson - violin
Ruth Huang - violin
Anthony Cheung - viola
Alex Cheung - cello

Produced by Marc LaFrance and Kelly Stodola
Engineering: Mike Fraser, Ken Burke, Kris Siegers, Mick Dalla-Vee & Jaret Stodola
Ass. Engineers: Spencer Bleasdale, Erik Nielsen
String arrangements for Vampire composed abd conducted by Peter Allen
Mixed by Mike Fraser at The Armoury, Vancouver, BC
Mastered by Adam Ayan at Gateway Mastering, Portland Maine
Photography by Ken Burke
Artwork by
Written by Roger Frankham
Recorded in Vancouver, Canada the all-natural way - no pitch correction, cutting to the grid etc.

Released 2018-04-25
Reviewed 2018-05-11


Back a few years ago Mr Frankham, the guy who has sent me the albums by Thunderbird donated a bit of money to us, that I would have to say was a good thing considering I had to pay almost the prize of a new CD to clear this one through customs – perhaps ticking the box for gift or sample is to recommend for those of you outside the EU that want to send us physical albums. Very long sentence to start with. The band Thunderbird just released their third album, which is a self titled one that I just had to review considering that I liked their previous heavyweight album and I had to pay for this one. It comes in a nice digipak format with some interesting notes in the booklet by renowned rock/metal journalist and author Martin Popoff, the artwork itself is pretty average though. But what about the album, does it carry more weight than the predecessor.

I think it does. Carries more weight that is, perhaps it is a bit heavier, but also more melodic – it is kind of a fresher and more personal album I think. The soundscape is oldish in style being recorded in the ways of the past but the songs are fresher built, celebrating greats of the past but keeping to a more personal style than most bands building of a framework of nostalgia. Good and classic rock vocals as well; good production I think – sounds a bit old but I like it. The dozen of tracks we get are fairly varied within the theme and the playing time is kept relatively sensible as well, the album isn’t overly long and that is always a good thing – it sounds good as well.

Revolutionary is probably not the word I would use, it feels nostalgic on one end but also relatively fresh and most of all personal. A new album with a sense of novelty is always a good thing, a thing one really wants to hear when taking on a new album for the first time. I find this album to be more interesting than the previous one and I think that the band has really improved their craft since the previous album, the production is better and the songs are more interesting and personal as well – a really strong and recommended album exclusively with good tracks. I think the highlight tracks are the third one called Star, which is a great fantastic rock song, and the ending song called Vampire is quite brilliant as well.

Destined for greatness could have been the case for these guys with the right exposure as it is music that will be liked by those with a nostalgic disposition as well as those who enjoys strong rock music. But it is difficult to be noticed these days and that might work against them but they are definitely worth to look closer at, this Thunderbird album is great and I would claim that it is more heavyweight than the previous album.






Label: Independent
Three similar bands: AC/DC /Thin Lizzy/Van Halen

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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