The Human Race Is Filth
Human Exposed

1. Fence Walker
2. Uncivilized Pigs
3. Suffering Is Reality
4. Race Waste
5. Culture Of Guilt

Paul Folk – Strings / Vocals
Kasey Harrison – Drums / Vocals



Recorded at Oblivion Studios in MD

Released 2018-01-01
Reviewed 2018-01-27


Sometimes we get the good stuff and sometimes we get the less than good stuff. This is an American duo with aggressive tendencies; grind/crust/sludge is how these guys are described. They are angry with the leaders and the world in general; they are giving a depressing and angry display of how they see the world today. So they are unhappy living in the best of times the world have seen, but even so there are of course some problems with leaders like Trump or whatever other nasty people in places of power you can think of and that is one thing these guys are angry with.

Heavy fast and aggressive is the start and three of the five songs are fast paced grindcore songs. Then they vary that with slower more sludgy songs in the two other songs. It is short and to the point with just twelve minutes playing time over the five tracks with angry shouty or yelling screamy vocals – pretty boring vocals I think. Good thing is that the EP is quite varied for something of this particular style, and that is of course a positive aspect.

I can’t say that there is much I like about this EP, it is short and that’s a good thing but otherwise it is just a racket and noise. It is an EP of stereotypes and dull stuff and I can’t say that I find I particularly exciting. It is in the two longer and sludgier songs something a bit more positive happens but not even them are exciting and I must say that I remain unimpressed throughout the entire playing time.

Totally pointless EP is my view on this one. The songs are quite poor and dreary and in the end it feels like a waste of time to listen to this album. Perhaps it is to the liking of those who likes this kind of music, this is probably neither better nor worse than most of those albums. And in the end I can help but asking myself if anyone really likes stuff like this, because I cannot really find anything agreeable with this EP.





Label: independent
Three similar bands: Hatred Surge/Primitive Man/Insect Warfare
Rating: HHHHHHH (2/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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