The Sky and I
We Were Only Dreaming

1. Starlight Memories
2. Blaqk is the New Black
3. Sleepwalking
4. December Mist
5. Could Love Be Enough
6. Whispers in the Night
7. Immortals
8. A Beautiful Goodbye
9. Against the Waves
10. Everytime

Andreas Folkow


John Gate - Keyboards

Produced by Andreas Folkow
Mixed and Mastered by Eric Ferraro
Recorded at Hovas Roads Studio
Lyrics by Andread Folkow
Music by John Gate, Dave Goodsridge and Andreas Folkow
Art direction and design by Andreas Folkow
Cover Photo by Eric Noord

Released 2018-01-15
Reviewed 2018-01-09


The Sky and I is a moniker that hides a musician who has a background in several metalcore bands and the project came to light as a side project that grew into something more. We Were Only Dreaming is the name of the debut album that has found its way into my music player and it may not quite fall into the frame of what we usually review. However, we have never been very picky on that regard so it has received several spins in the music player, it actually spins right now on the excellent ending track Everytime. The album itself looks better if you look at the outside cover that perhaps is a feature of a limited edition than if you look at the jewelcase itself, and it doesn’t look like a metallic album.

Do you remember that we reviewed a band called Blaqk Audio some years ago? That is the band that has inspired the man behind the name, and the first single Blaqk is the new Black that was released in November plays homage to that band. I think you can say that it sounds quite like synthpop tends to sound, at least in my limited view. I also think the vocals sounds similar to what we often hear in the genre, and it is an album with good production – the sound is very good and the album also has a decent variation. I do however think that the album would have benefitted from some uptempo songs as the album in general moves at a rather slow pace.

Good album, excellent in its best moments. Songs like the ending Everytime, the sixth track Whispers in the Night and the opening track makes me think of a higher rating. But the re are some slower parts on this album that is best illustrated by the fourth and fifth track and in those moments I am not as impressed and therefore I have opted for the lower rating but it wasn’t an easy choice and I was jumping back and forth between a rating of four or five, five or four. An uptempo, catchy hit song would definitely have swinged the pendulum towards the higher rating but unfortunately the album never really goes uptempo.

It may not quite be the type of music that we usually review but as I stated before, we are not picky and write whatever we starts working on no matter the genre. And this is good stuff, much better than some of the crap being sent to us – it is fantastic in its best moment and that should really be enough to awaken your curiosity. I may not make me believe that I am dreaming but it is definitely an album worth having a closer look at.





Label: independent
Three similar bands: De/Vision/Blaqk Audio/Depeche Mode
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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