The Dangerous Summer

1. Color
2. This Is Life
3. Fire
4. Ghosts
5. Luna
6. Wild Again
7. Valium
8. When I Get Home
9. Live Forever
10. Infinite

AJ Perdomo – lead vocals/songwriter, bass guitar
Matt Kennedy – lead guitar, backing vocals
Ben Cato – drums

Reach for the Sun (2009)
An Acoustic Performance of "Reach for the Sun" (2011)
War Paint (2011)
Golden Record (2013)


Produced by James Paul Wisner

Released 2018-01-26
Reviewed 2018-02-19

hopeless records

The Dangerous Summer, that sounds like a dangerously amusing band. It especially feels that way if I conveniently forget the debut album I reviewed a rather long while ago, I was not very impressed by that. Since then the band has managed a few more albums, they have disbanded and reformed and they feel like they are ready to release their defining self-titled album. However, I am not really sure that too many bands have a self-titled album as the best of their career, I can’t think of anyone right at the moment. Perhaps these guys can manage that.

The style can be described as EMO or perhaps modern punkish rock music with strong and modern production. Decent vocalist even though he is far from the most impressive singers I have heard in the genre, he doesn’t quite carry the songs with his singing. Decent variation and they keep it short and to the point with the ten tracks playing for little under forty minutes. The album can be described as a solid production and it is an album that is easy to take in and those who like the band’s previous works will find it appealing.

The quality is quite high; I think it is a rather strong effort. But there are some small niggles like the fact that the album doesn’t have any distinct hit song and I think the tempo as well as energy tend to be a bit low, more tempo and energy would certainly be beneficial for this album. I think the album at times tends to feel a bit tired and it there is nothing that really draws me towards the album. It could be described as a solid effort with good songs but without standout songs.

The buyer will probably not be disappointed as it is a good enough album to keep the listener entertained, especially if the listener is a fan of the band’s earlier works. I think they are clearly better than last time I wrote about them, a clear step forward compared with what they did before but I can’t really say that I am overly impressed by this album either – I would have liked a bit more novelty to it. The conclusion will therefore have to be that The Dangerous Summer is a solid effort but not really anything super special.






Label: Hopeless Records 
Three similar bands: Third Eye Blind/Bright Eyes/Jimmy Eat World
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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