ragments of a Ruined Mind

1. Strahd’s Revenge
2. My Emptiness
3. In The Mist
4. The Word
5. A Day Without Loss
6. Conqueror
7. Life Begins Again
8. The Midnight Lies
9. Covenant
10. Sign With Blood
11. My Ruined Mind


Lead Vocals – Billy Vass
Lead Guitar – Manos Kyritloglou
Rhythm Guitar / Brutal Vocals – Zoulou (Stellios Zoulias)
Bass Guitar – Tolis AVG (TolisAvgeros)
Drums – Koko (Dimitris Kokonezis)

Barren Land (2011)


Produced & Mixed by Bob Katsionis 
Recorded at Sound Symmetry Studio,Athens,GR 
Drums Recorded @ Prova Studio,Athens,GR 
Mastered by Nasos Nomikos @ VU Productions 
Album layout and design by Progressive Vision Group

Released 2017-12-10
Reviewed 2018-03-10


symmetric records

Most strange and also visually problematic in text to use the symbol for unit of electrical resistance in the band name, do they perhaps hope for resistance against falling out of favour with the music business? Perhaps I will refrain from writing the band name of this Greek-American constellation that has recently released their second album called Fragments of a Ruined Mind. It is an album with a pretty nice cover artwork and it is kept relatively short with a 45-minute playing time on an album that feels almost exclusively targeted towards a heavy metal audience.

It can be described as classic heavy metal, the intro is a nice touch but after that comes rather typical heavy metal. The production is good and I like the vocalist who I think has both authority and character in his voice and vocal style. The songs are of the typical heavy metal variety and there aren’t much to surprise you just classic riffs, choruses and chords – well put together but perhaps not very exciting from a creative standpoint. Good thing is that they keep it at 45 minutes so that it doesn’t feel too long when the variation is as small as it is, a bit more dynamics and depth surely wouldn’t have hurt the quality of the album.

Nice and good album, with good songs and production. It is an album without major weaknesses, quite likeable overall I think. Perhaps it can be seen as a bit too much targeted towards the heavy metal audience and one could argue that it lacks in general appeal. The lack of a distinct hit song and originality is also something that I look upon as a small issue with this album and while I like it, it isn’t an album that draws me towards it. It is not an album I want to instantly repeat when it ends or even think of starting up when I am looking to select the next album to play, one might claim that it works and is good but lacks that final piece that makes a good album great.

Do check it out if you are a heavy metal fan, chances are that it will appeal quite a lot to you. From a general perspective however, I think it is a good album that probably won’t disappoint but probably not impress either. I think that it is a good but not fantastic album.




Label: Symmetric Records
Three similar bands: Sanctuary/Black Sabbath/Iced Earth

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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