Moral Decay

1. On the run
2. Alive
3. Dangerous
4. On my shoulder
5. Rainbow warrior
6. The fire inside
7. Adventureland
8. Moral Decay
9. My own worst enemy
10. Lost in myself
11. We are back
12. Sixteen years
13. More than a thousand charades

Christoffer Borg - Vocals, Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Bass and Synth
Felix Borg - Drums, Bass, Clean & Acoustic Guitars and Synth

Taste (2013)


Recorded and mixed at Top Floor Studios, Gothenburg, by Christoffer Borg
Mastered by Jacob Hansen

Released 2018-08-31
Reviewed 2018-08-29

aor heaven

Taste returns with Moral Decay, which is what they call their second album. It seems that this Swedish band of brothers have a knack for selecting names that are annoying to search around the web. I figured these guys had some great potential and wrote that Taste was a name to remember, I know I remembered them but the question is whether or not you did and whether or not they make something to actually remember this time because while the debut was good, it wasn’t very memorable. So now lets looks at the moral decay that they call their second album.

It can be described as AOR, with strong keyboard melodies and strong melodies, catchy choruses and very good sound. I think that the vocalist is good as well and the songs are of the usual selection for an album of this genre. Perhaps the production can be described as better than on the debut album that was released in 2013 but it could have been more varied and the songs could show a bit more original because they aren’t exactly reinventing the wheel in the sky or anything like that. And I do think the album could have been a bit more varied as well as the thirteen songs doesn’t exactly sparkle with variation and creativity.

Moral Decay is a good album; the songs are very catchy and good. I would say that it is fairly enjoyable to play through this album and I am sure that the more bitten fan of AOR and bands like FM or the likes will find this more than just fairly enjoyable. I like the new album by Taste but not unlike the previous album it isn’t a very memorable album and like that previous album few will probably remember it a few years down the line. They need to find more of an own voice if they want to be a duo that really matters, just doing what others done makes for solid and good music but you will never stand out and be really noticed.

So it is good stuff, certainly worth checking out, as chances are good that you will find it quite appealing. But like the first one there is this weakness, a weakness that so many bands show these days, that weakness is that they seem to be satisfied by cloning what others have done before. You can do it perfectly and still never really matter in the grander scheme of things, the once that break new ground and do something new and exciting are remembered – the rest, like Taste, are forgotten. But until we forget them we can enjoy the brothers’ catchy music.







Label: AOR Heaven
Three similar bands: FM/Giant/White Lion
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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