Sunflower Dead

1. Let Me In
2. Victim
3. The Biggest Mistake
4. Through Fire
5. Savior
6. Kept Down
7. Torn In Two
8. Counting All My Failures
9. Turn Away

Michael Del Pizzo - Vocals, Accordion
Jaboo - Lead Guitar
Jamie Teissere - Guitar
Christian Olde Wolbers - Bass
Brian “Brett” Weir - Drums

Sunflower Dead (2012)
It's Time to Get Weird (2015)


produced by Dave Fortman

Released 2018-11-16
Reviewed 2018-11-18


combat records

Coma is the new and third album by the band Sunflower Dead. It follows their tradition to release an album every three years and it follows the acclaimed album It’s Time to Get Weird that received a rating of five here at Hallowed. It is an album that features a new bassist and drummer for the band and they are dropping their zombie stage costumes and make up to focus more on the music instead of the image. That could of course be a good idea if that image detracted from the creative process of putting together songs etc. But the previous album was good so it can’t have affected the sound too much; the artwork is a lot cooler this time though.

Onwards we go to the music, modern metal/hardrock, I think bands like Korn can be a good comparison, along with other bands similar to them. The sound is quite good; it has a bit of power, energy, good controlled aggression and that sort of thing. It is a short album with 37 minutes of playing time split on nine tracks, an album that I feel can be described as having an evolved sound compared with the predecessor – not too much difference in the grander scheme of things though. Decent variation is another thing the listener will notice rather quickly, and that the band has a fairly typical modern rock/metal voice giving us the lyrics.

Most fans will find this album most agreeable, as it is better than the predecessor in terms of production and sound. If you liked what they did before I think it is safe to assume that you will find this album good as well. I think it is a good one, but not as good as the predecessor and that is down to this album not having as good songs as the previous albums. The opening track Let Me In is the highlight of the album, the other songs is good but none of them has you stop in you stride and take notice.

An album for all of you who have enjoyed what they are doing before, but I can’t help thinking that it might have been better to remain with the zombie theatrics – at least it didn’t make much difference to change that. It isn’t an album that puts you in coma; it is more invigorating than that and it is probably an album that is worth checking out.





Label: Combat Records
Three similar bands: Korn/Godsmack/Droid
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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