Start a Revolution

1. Hellcome
2. Anchor
3. Survivors
4. Broadcaster
5. Broken Heart
6. Questions
7. Wake Up
8. Values
9. Sit & Wait
10. Remain The Same
11. Anthem Of Today
12. Unity Hymn

Patrick Portnicki - vocals
Malik Aziz - guitars, vocals
Ferdinand Kießling - guitars, vocals
Jens Breuer - bass guitar
Max Priese - drums, samples



Produced by Start a Revolution and Aljoscha Sieg
Recorded at Alex/Jacobi Recording, Aachen
Mixed and Mastered by Aljoscha Sieg at Pitchback Studios, Köln

Released 2018-02-16
Reviewed 2018-02-03


Start a Revolution, that could be an exciting prospect, especially in the world of music. Behind the revolutionary moniker hides a German band that has a pretty good colour scheme on their digipak album, the black and green looks pretty good. The cover art itself can hardly be described as that amazing, but it is the music that matters not the looks. And the music is described as bolts of pure energy made of post hardcore and metal plus remorseless hooklines. A band that shouts out individual thoughts and shines a spotlight on social grievances – they are supposed to have lyrics that call for a revolution of the mind.

A revolution is hardly the name of the game; the music is a rather typical modern metal kind, or metalcore or something like that. Powerful and energetic with clean and growly vocals, catchy choruses and all of those things, kind of the same as Of Mice & Men that I reviewed yesterday. Not very original and the songs are of the typical variety of an album in this style. It is short enough to avoid being too long and it has enough energy and catchiness to appeal to some and be something that most can listen to and like. It is a safe bet in today’s music world, firmly anchored in the middle of the mainstream. I doubt these guys will be survivors from this era, they will most likely be forgotten along with the majority of their peers.

Revolutionarily average, is probably a decent way to put words to what I feel about this album. I did review the band Of Mice & Men and their album Defy yesterday and if I had mixed the track from that album with this and played them at random I wouldn’t what track was from which album, apart from two or three tracks that stand out a little bit. On this album I think Anchor along with the finishing two tracks are the most memorable in an otherwise good but rather forgettable album. You need to do a lot better than this if you want to start you own musical revolution.




Label: Rockaine
Three similar bands: Of Mice & Men/The Devil Wears Prada/We Came as Romans
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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