Behind Closed Doors

1. Madnecessity
2. Behind Closed Doors
3. Time Goes By
4. Dream Shot
5. Foolish Man’s Invasion
6. Into The Past
07. Brainwash
08. Fate
09. Modern World Maniacs
10. Worlds Collide
11. M:O:T:M

Lars Döring - guitars
Michael Schiel - guitars
Sebastian Werner - vocals
Manuel Roth - bass

Ready to Fight'1987
One Beer Too Much'1988
Human Traces'1990
Make Your Day'1992
Wrong Time, Wrong Place?'1995
The Prophecy'1999
Made for Eternity'2000
Under the Cross'2002
Confrontation Street'2006
The Circle Shuts 2008


Produced by Ito Grabosch
Mixed by Roland Grapow
Mastered by Mika Jussila
Artwork by Thomas Ewerhard

Released 2018-02-23
Reviewed 2018-02-16


pride& joy

Last time Squealer released an album was about a decade ago, the band has been sort of on ice since then. Now they are returning with an album titled Behind Closed Doors, which is a pretty good title right now as it is wiser to stay behind closed doors than to venture out into the snowy landscapes outside. They return with a slightly changed line up and on a new label, German label Pride & Joy has taken on this album and for the Squealer fans they have taken on a very interesting album. If you are a fan of Squealer’s earlier works it is a good album to check out.

A powerful and melodic thrash metal album where the production is good and the vocals are quite good for this genre. It has a nice modern feel to it, perhaps the songs could show a bit more variation and the album been a bit shorter but the album feels quite solid anyway. Guess it can be called a good soundtrack for a snowy day, perhaps it works quite well for a drive through the snow-covered landscapes that we have around here.

Rebellious isn’t a word to use to describe this album, it has a familiar sound both for the genre fan and for the Squealer fan. Perhaps the strength and dynamics would have benefitted from the album being shorter so that is a little minus point but it is a solid album overall. It has good energy, the songs are good throughout and the first song is probably the best one. When it is good it is really good and the snow shovelling should probably go a lot easier when playing the sharpest tracks of this album.

Squealer’s comeback album is good; you don’t need to lock it up and hide it behind closed doors. I think it can be well worth checking out for those who enjoy thrash metal and especially for those who likes Squealer and their earlier music, I don’t really think anyone will be disappointed in this album – I think it is good and I like it.






Label: Pride & Joy Music
Three similar bands: Megadeth/Metallica/Perzonal War
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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