Speaker Bite Me
Future Plans

1. Act
2. Sweet Expectation
3. This Song Is Gonna Kill You
4. Ruin
5. Future Plans

Martin Ilja Ryum - vocals and guitar
Kasper Deurell - bass
Emil Landgren - drums
Signe Høirup Wille- Jørgensen - vocals and guitar

1997 Recorded (EP)
1997 Inner Speed
1998 Smukke Kvinder Med Kærlighedskort
2000 If love is missing it must be imposed
2001 Four Days In September
2007 Action Painting


Recorded in Sauna Studio in Copenhagen with Nils Bysted
Produced by Nils Bysted and Speaker Bite Me
Mastered by ET Mastering
Photos/video stills: Anna Maria Helgadóttir
Artwork and cover design by Hrafnhildur Halldórsdóttir

Released 2018-10-12
Reviewed 2018-10-31


It would appear as though the Danish band Speaker Bite Me was without future plans after their latest album that was released in 2007. But that wasn’t so; eleven year later they have come up with some future plans, a new album with that title. Not a very exciting looking album but one that can be seen as a bit political. The band takes a look at the ever more polarised world we live in, where the gap between rich and poor expand and where right wing politicians gets increased power around the world. It would seem that the civilised world is de-evolving and perhaps it is there Speaker Bite Me sees the need for future plans to right the world into going in a better direction again. But what about the music?

Well, they are in the press material labelled as experimental rock, and that is a pretty good description I think. The music is slightly atypical and pretty cleaver, with good production. The vocals are both male and female and I think the female vocalist makes a stronger impression than the male vocalist do. I also think that the album is fairly varied and the playing time is kept sensible even though the tracks are rather long, but there are only five of them. The tempo is a bit varied but mostly it feels to be a bit on the slow side, there isn’t much pace through the story of the album – but it is pretty strongly performed and produced so the lack of pace can be overlooked slightly.

A good album overall, the tracks are all good and the feel of the album is mostly positive. I like it even though it may not make the strongest impression. The negative is that there tend to be some parts that feel really slow and dulls the album down slightly, I would have liked a bit more dynamics to the album. I think that it is an album that can be worth checking out for those who likes a more alternative look at things. And one can certainly claim that it is positive that the band does its own thing rather than copying what others do, that is something that is far too rare in the world of music. So, overall I think that it is a good album.

Good stuff, it could certainly be worth checking out as it is an album with a fair bit to offer and it is a likable album. But sure I also think that this album where the second track Sweet Expectation is the most memorable is worth acclaiming for daring to be individual. They might not quite reach all the way to our best ratings but it is certainly an album that makes something of an impression.







Label: PonyRec
Three similar bands: Murmur/Jomi Massage/I Am Bones
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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