The Soul Exchange
Vow of Seth

1. Vow Of Seth
2. Back To The Dark
3. The Deed Is Done
4. Seek the Demon
5. My Mortal Soul

Daniel John - vocals
Hans von Bell - guitar
Thomas von Bell - guitar
Patrik Ekelöf - bass
Benny White - drums

The Soul Exchange (2015)
Bloodbound (2017)

Axel Bjärgvide - piano

Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Magnus "Tank" Ljungqvist
Recorded at XTC Production AB, Älvsjö, Sweden

Released 2017-12-08
Reviewed 2018-01-23


pride& joy

Swedish band The Soul Exchange return not long after their latest album, perhaps it is their new record label that wants to present their new signing. It is a five-track EP that we are served this time and it is a rather long EP that plays for about 33 minutes. Vow of Seth is the name of this EP and those who heard the band’s previous effort will probably have some pretty high expectations for it considering how good the album Bloodbound was.

When I play this EP I notice that it isn’t as varied as the preceding album and that the tempo is quite low throughout, there is no speedy song to catch the attention from the first time you hear it. But stylistically it is similar, classic hard rock music with a nod to the past but also with touches of modernity. A good production, a bit long for an EP perhaps and it could have been more varied but those who liked the previous effort will most likely enjoy this release as well.

After playing through this several times I am still not completely sold on this EP, I think it lacks a distinct hit song and it never really takes off. Perhaps an album could add more variety and I am not quite sure that too many of the five songs on this EP deserve a place on a coming album – not that they are bad but judging from the previous release they should be capable of better. The opening title track is strong but not really the hit song this album is lacking.

Not quite the successor I think they should be capable to make but it is a good EP, the production is strong and the songs are solid. Fans of the band will probably find it quite appealing, personally I would however recommend waiting for the next album instead as that probably has more to offer. Vow of Seth is pretty good but a bit slow and a bit too stagnant to really take off towards the best stuff out there.







Label: Pride & Joy Music
Three similar bands: Halestorm/3 Doors Down/Ghost
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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