The Soul Exchange
Edge of Sanity

1. Stealing My Mind
2. Quest For Life
3. No Forgiveness
4. Master
5. Right Here
6. End Of The Road
7. The Passing
8. My Reflection
9. Mountain
10. Try (bonus track)

Daniel John - vocals
Hans von Bell - guitar
Thomas von Bell - guitar
Patrik Ekelöf - bass
Benny White - drums

The Soul Exchange (2015)
Bloodbound (2017)
Wow of Seth (EP 2017)


Magnus Ljungqvist - producer

Released 2018-06-15
Reviewed 2018-05-31


pride& joy

Swedish soul exchangers return with a new album, pretty diligent over the last few years I have to say and it wasn’t long since the EP Vow of Seth was released. This new album is called Edge of Sanity and lyrically it deals with the darker sides of the human psyche. That in itself sounds pretty exciting and their last album was quite exciting as well so this album peaked some interest for me. This was however written in a shorter space of time than the preceding album but it has also been written more as a team effort, which may be a positive thing. But then comparing the album Bloodbound with the latest effort the Vow of Seth EP I get the sense that the band has become somewhat less dynamic and also less energetic – at least that EP suggests that.

On balance I think that Edge of Sanity is closer to Vow of Seth than Bloodbound, the music is the same though but perhaps less dynamic and varied. It is seventies inspired rock music with modern additions that gives the band a fairly personal yet very recognisable and familiar sound. Good vocalist. They built their songs on arrangements and distinct choruses; some may describe it as grand while I think retro might actually fit better as a description. The sound also feels kind of dated despite the fact that the album isn’t even released yet, so kind of a good album dug up from a few years ago, kind of 2007-08 retro styled rock music I would think. A bit of a long album is it as well with a playing time passing 50 minutes and not that much variation or dynamic feel – perhaps they could have gut away one or two tracks to make a more dynamic and compact album.

Undeniably it is a good album this one, solid in any regard with mostly good songs, it is excellent in its best moment but has some really dull moments as well – track three is a good example of a dull moment of this album. I think it is a step back compared with Bloodbound, small step forward compared with Vow of Seth but while it is good it is lacking what has been somewhat lacking in all their efforts, it lacks a bit of tempo and energy. They really need some fast paced energetic tracks that breaks off the pretty low tempo of the album, songs of this style are usually quite good and done well they are excellent but don’t fill an entire album of midtempo songs – it never takes off and while I listen I keep thinking that the band really needs to release the handbrake and take of in a puff of smoking wheel-spin just to spice up the album at some point. This one feels like a good album to have in the background, doesn’t steel enough attention and never really stirs emotions.

Likeable album in most regards, especially as background music and I don’t think it will disappoint any potential buyer. Then again, it will not have anyone really jumping from the joy either. Edge of Sanity is a solid effort with pretty strong songs, good performances, great vocals but in the end I think they should have let go of the leash a little bit and brought in some more energy to the album.




Label: Pride & Joy Music
Three similar bands: Halestorm/3 Doors Down/Ghost
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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