Sonic Prophecy
Savage Gods

1. Savage Gods
2. Night Terror
3. Unholy Blood
4. Dreaming Of The Storm
5. Man The Guns
6. Walk Through The Fire
7. A Prayer Before Battle
8. Iron Clad Heart
9. Man and Machine
10. Chasing The Horizon

Shane Provstgaard - Vocals
Darrin Goodman –- Guitar
Sebastian Martin –- Guitar
Ron Zemanek –- Bass
Matt LeFevre –- Drums

A Divine Act of War (2011)
Apocalyptic Promenade (2014)


Produced by Matt Hepworth, Shane Provstgaard, Darrin Goodman and Matt Lefevre
Mixed by Matt Hepworth at Studio Nu
Mastered by Stephen Smith at Soundsmiths Mastering
Album artwork by Aldo Requena

Released 2018-01-19
Reviewed 2018-04-13


rockshots records

Lets have a look at a Sonic Prophecy and their prophecies of Savage Gods. It is their third effort and it looks pretty cool on the cover, but what about the inside? They are inspired by the big names of the past and they are looking to build on their ideas, they formed to play heavy metal and say that they will always play heavy metal, etc. Imagination doesn’t seem to be their thing, something that of course can be said about most heavy metal and in many respects also their fans – it is a bunch of people afraid of evolution and change, who would love everything to remain the same forever – they are people who loves a boring world and boring culture.

On the subject of the music I find this album to be classic heavy metal, heavy with typical metal vocals that are a bit hoarse and could have been more soulful. Production is pretty good, I think the sound works quite well but the album is too long – it feels like it never ends, just goes on forever like those damned battery bunnies that just keeps going and going. Of course it eventually ends but between the beginning and the end eons later the albums shows very little in terms of variation and even less when it comes to fresh ideas – like much heavy metal bands, these guys seems to be out of ideas.

Not really an album for me, I find it too long, too boring, lacking imagination, kind of pointless I think. Perhaps someone who likes the heavy metal genre will find it a lot more appealing than I do, it seems like an album for those who doesn’t like fresh thinking and thinks all heavy metal should sound more or less the same. For us not of that school of though it is not really something we need to bother with, sure it isn’t bad and I even think that there are some really strong parts to this album. But overall I find this album to be quite uninteresting and quite boring and not really for me.

Got to say that the thrash feels like where this album will end up, the digital thrash and then empty it to free up the hard drive space for something a lot more worthwhile. Savage Gods is an album that might appeal to heavy metal fans but not many others; most people will find this to be just another pointless and boring heavy metal album. I think there are many musical choices that are a lot more interesting than this one and whatever this sonic prophecy is about I can’t say that I really care – and tomorrow I will have forgotten that the band even exists. I am not impressed.







Label: Rockshots Records
Three similar bands: Dio/Iron Maiden/Manowar
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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