Somali Yacht Club
The Sea

1. Vero
2. Religion Of Man
3. Blood Leave A Trail
4. Hydrophobia
5. 84 Days
6. Crows

Mez - guitar, vocals
Artur - bass
Lesyk - drums

The Sun (2014)


Recording Lipkyzvukozapys, Jenny Records
Mixing/mastering Jaro Sound

Released 2018-01-22
Reviewed 2018-02-05


So, there is a Somali Yacht Club somewhere, guess that’s where Pepper is hiding his Yacht. The trio that calls themselves Somali Yacht Club are from Kiev Ukraine and I am looking at their second effort, an effort they call The Sea. It follows their 2014 effort The Sun, an album that according to the promotional material was well received by both fans and media. This new album has a pretty interesting artwork and it is probably a bit saltier album than the debut, perhaps a bit further from shore than the debut album if we try some silly metaphors. So has this album been worth the four year long wait that since the last time?

Atmospheric is how I would describe the style of the album, perhaps even dreamy. A bit groovy, fuzzy, psychedelic, but mostly dreamy and atmospheric is how the sound could be described. Post-metal is probably the general style of this album, a seascape posted in long sweeping strokes, and a seascape that is best seen from a distance as the six tracks piece together into one strong unit rather than stand on individual feet. The melodies and atmospheres are the main focal points and the vocals adhere to that and don’t take up much room in the musical landscape. I would think that the six tracks and 55 minute playing time are well worth playing through.

Like being on an adventure at sea, that is a way to describe this album. It has depth, it triggers the mind and the imagination making this story from the seas play out on the inner movie theatre screen. The dreamy atmosphere is excellent, as are the songs – it has to be one of the more interesting albums I have reviewed this year and I have reviewed some quite interesting albums already, this is right up there with them. I find this to be a most agreeable album, and it comes highly recommended – especially if you like exciting and dreamy adventures at sea.

The Sea is a great salty adventure that is well worth checking out, I like it and I think you probably will as well. The six tracks of this album creates an adventure that you like to embark on over and over, you don’t really grow tired with it and can play it many times in a row. It has good depth and I can just tip my hat to the band and conclude that the vinyl version that is being released this spring looks like a rather exciting prospect.







Label: Robustfellow Prods.
Three similar bands: Elder/Weedpecker/Mother Engine
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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