The Slyde

1. Awaken
2. Walk With Me
3. In Silence
4. These Wars
5. Awakening
6. So Blind
7. Fading
8. Join The Parade
9. Divide
10. Back Again

Nathan Da Silva - Vocals, Guitar
Sarah Westbrook - Keyboards, Samples
Alberto Campuzano - Bass, Vocals
Brendan Soares - Drums, Vocals

Slyde I (EP 2009)
Slyde II (EP 2010)
Feed The Machine (EP 2011)
New World Sympathy (EP 2012)
Back Again (EP 2017)


Produced by The Slyde
Mixed by Andres Puche
Mastered by Matt Glover
Album Artwork by Casey Shea

Released 2018-05-18
Reviewed 2018-05-03



Slyde from Canada grows with a “the” in front of the name, so the band previously known as Slyde is now more known as The Slyde – perhaps the one and only. And their EP from last year Back Again grows with six tracks to make an album, their first in a career stretching back to the first EP in 2009. The album is called Awakening; it has ten tracks and a playing time of about forty minutes. So lets see what this album awakens and what the addition of a “the” can add to the story of Slyde that now is the story of The Slyde.

Little more diversity is the first impression when playing through this album, the six tracks blends well together with the four tracks from last year. The songs all fit well together and the new tracks add both depth and variety to the whole. The style of the band can be described as progressive rock/metal and a good band to compare with would be Rush from the same nation as these guys, lets describe it as Candian styled progressive music. There is a fair deal of variation through the album and the vocals as well as production can be described as great.

Yeah, it is great this album, I guess the addition of a “the” is a good thing and adding six strong songs to an already strong EP makes a recipe for greatness. Awakening is an album without weaknesses as far as I can discern. Sure, you might find one or two problems if you really look for them but the enjoyment of the tracks and the album makes it pointless to look for problems. And it is an album that probably will be enjoyed by those who like good music; it is strong fresh and exciting with some really excellent tracks.

Definitely one of the more exciting albums of the year and picking favourite songs isn’t overly easy as they are all good and has some decent hit potential, but there are some that stand out. I think the ending track Back Again that also was the title track on last year’s EP is really strong and a great ending. Then I think the second track Walk With Me is another good track with nice feel to it but my personal favourite has to be the great title track with excellent chorus and enough complexity for it to be exciting to play over and over again. But all the tracks are really strong and the album stands strongest in its entirety.

Entertaining and easily accessible while still having complexity and depth enough for great longevity, I can’t really think of any reason not to check out this new album by The Slyde. It is a highly recommended album that no reader of our webzine should miss, with Awakening The Slyde certainly delivers some greatness and one of the more interesting albums of the year.





Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Haken/Coheed and Cambria/Rush
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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