Agony of Doubt

1. Agony Of Doubt
2. To You
3. No Way Back
4. Losing Control
5. Mirror
6. His Heart Is Metal
7. Cradle The Dead
8. Living Dead Strangers
9. Crimson Rain
10. The Key

Natacha - Vocals
Micha - Guitar
Ralf - Bass
Jerry - Drums

Open Zoo (2011)
Change (2014)


Written and produced by Shezoo
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Christoph Brandis at
Vocals recorded and produced by Axel Friedrich
Cover art by Jan Yrlund
Pictures by Nikky and Daniel

Released 2018-01-26
Reviewed 2018-01-03



Agony of doubt is the process of review writing, doubt in the rating, the wording and whatever else is involved in writing words about a musical piece. It is also the title of the band Shezoo’s third album following their 2011 and 2014 releases. According to the press material the band is a Swiss band that has become international, they have a Dutch vocalist and a German guitarist as well as a Swiss bassist and drummer. That is not really international. And the description of a band that wants to create new songs with a lot of power and energy as well as playing more and more shows on the stages around the world could be true about almost any rock band.

The cover is Yrlund in style and quite good I think, as is the female vocalist who brings a lot of character and power. The music itself has power as well, and can be called modern heavy metal with touches of the classic styles as well as a relatively fresh sound. The production is good and powerful, giving the album a very attractive sound. And it is kept short as well as varied making it a captivating album to listen to; it should really appeal to those who like good melodic and heavy rock music. I think you can describe the music of this quartet as staying true to the classic sound while still finding an own more modern sound; it is quite a strong accomplishment in my view.

Every album has weaknesses and this is no exception, but as with most really good albums those weaknesses are so overshadowed by the quality of the good stuff that you don’t really care about them. In the end one cannot really avoid enjoying the quality of this album and its captivating songs. Chief amongst those songs are for me the second one called To You, the penultimate song called Crimson Rain and I also think the title track that makes a great opening gesture deserves a mention. Shezoo has put together a very strong album that is worth revisiting many times, I am sure that most music fans will find this to be an appealing album.

A recommendation is what I am ending this little review with; I recommend that you have a closer look at this very strong album. It is well worth checking out and it is a really enjoyable piece of music, there wasn’t really much agonising or doubt when the rating was decided for this one. Great stuff!




Label: Fastball Music
Three similar bands: China/Gotthard/Queensrÿche
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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