01. At The Left Hand Of Satan
02. Of Wrath And Hellfire
03. Throne Of Satan
04. Harbinger Of Death
05. Raise The Flag Of Hell
06. Upon The Wings Of Desecration
07. Sacramentum
08. Witchcult

Paul Tucker - Guitar, Vocals
Bill Davidson - Bass
Jim Strauss - Drums

Black Earth (1996)
Armies of Charon (1997)
Thy Dark Heavens (2001)
Cruentus Diabolos (EP 2002)
Warlords of Death (EP 2003)
Flesh for the Devil (EP 2005)
Entering the Diabolic Trinity (2005)
Hex Nefarious (2007)
Crowned Infernal (2007)
Nightrealm Apocalypse (2009)
La Hora de Lucifer (2012)
Worship the Devil (2015)


Recorded and mixed at Innertube Studios with Nick Kucel
Mastered at Wing Studios by Sverker Widgren
Logo by Chris Moyen
Artwork by Adi Dechristianize
Layout and art direction by Francesco Gemelli

Released 2018-07-10
Reviewed 2018-07-08

transcending obscurity

On this glorious day we take on the American band named Sathanas, a band with a clear preference for Satan and that sort of thing. Personally I think that sort of thing is silly at best, ridiculous is probably a term I would use to describe what I think Satan stuff. But I will of course not judge on that, I have listened to the album several times to make an assessment on the music of this trio who have been around for more than twenty years now. The debut album was released back in 1996 and this is the tenth according to the press material that claims this new album named Necrohymns should earn the band the recognition they have deserved for more than twenty years. And why not? They make some good black, death, thrash metal music so why not acknowledge their quality.

Keywords for describing the music of this album are things like black metal, thrash metal, death metal, blackened thrash metal, and many other variations on that theme. Pretty dark extreme metal is what it is, some silly stuff about Satan and that kind of thing is what we are getting. Their style is somewhere in the borderland between the black, the thrash, and the death metal genre and while they might have a personal style it is still firmly recognisable as old-school death metal or something to that effect. We can say that the style of this album is a very familiar one and there are no real surprises in the music, pretty varied for the style and the album is short and to the point with 33 minutes of music on eight tracks.

Approved by Hallowed is a mark that can be placed on this album, it is a good death metal album, or a good blackened thrash album if you like that terminology. Lets just say that I think this is a good album with good songs, Satan would probably approve. Fans of the darker old-school extreme metal would find this album most agreeable. But they are preaching to the flock and I doubt it is an album that will gain much credit among the masses, it is for those who enjoy this kind of music and not really anyone else. And from a more personal viewpoint I don’t really think it is that exciting, it is fine and I can listen to it and like it but it will not be something I chose to listen to for personal enjoyment.

Yes, Hallowed gives them recognition by claiming that they should please anyone into this kind of music immensely, and if you are one of those you should really have a closer look at this album. The negatives I have about the album will probably not be valid for the genre supporters but more for the general audience who will not care about this album anyway, so the positives will only be seen and that is a powerful and classic extreme metal album to enjoy. 





Label: Transcending Obscurity Records
Three similar bands: Immortal/Ravencult/Dissection
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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