The Rockford Heroes
Problem and a few of our own...

1. Problem
2. Come out
3. Out of this
4. Suffering

Jonas Arvidsson - Guitars, keyboards and backing vocals
Dan Hultstrand - Vocals
Erik Carlsson - Bass, keyboards, guitars and backing vocals

Light Scares (EP 2011)
The White EP (2012)

Edge of the Silverthorne (2013)
Ghostlights - A Matter of Belief (2017)

Daniel Bergström - drums

Recorded, produced mixed and mastered in Montroxx Studios by Jonas Arvidsson

Released 2018-07-24
Reviewed 2018-08-26


The heroes returns with a problem from someone else and a few of their own, the title track of this new EP is a cover of the Ariana Grande song called Problem. Add to that song three of their own songs that we heard on the 2017 masterpiece Ghostlights that was rated the fourth best album of 2017 by this writer. And when you are that great it is difficult to exceed yourself every time, at least that is what I imagine since I don’t really know anything about that sort of thing, so how do these guys do in that regard?

Musically they sound familiar, I have written about them four times before this one so no further presentation should be needed. Catchy pomp rock is what they are doing, kind of like bands like Styx or Reo Speedwagon to name a few. This track problem that was penned by Grande, Max Martin and a few more is somewhat different from their usual style of songs but it still sounds like them. The three other tracks are slightly reworked songs from their latest album and all these four tracks takes about thirteen minutes to play through and they give a decent variation and has a very strong production. The vocals of the EP are strong as well; I think we can conclude that it is a quality production.

And a good quality EP as well, even though my problem is that I would rather have seen a new album than just one more new song that happens to be a cover. But it leaves the conclusion that these heroes write better songs than Martin and his pals, the heroes’ three songs are a lot better than the cover that opens the EP. And while the EP can be played many times over I still recommend the album Ghostlights, or why not check out the equally brilliant Edge of the Silverthorne from 2013... After I have played this one a few more times…

So this is great but the prevailing thought is; when will we get another album? Because while I really enjoy this little EP and find it great to hear new stuff from the heroes it is still the albums I enjoy and I always wait to hear new and great albums from the favourite bands, as much as you can await something when receiving about twenty review request every day. And with that I can conclude that this new EP by these heroes is a rather enjoyable one, especially the last three songs are brilliant.







Label: Montroxx Records
Three simialr bands: REO Speedwagon/Styx/VII Gates
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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