Red Eleven
Fueled by Fire

01. You've Been Warned
02. Back In Time
03. Redneck's Promised Land
04. Again
05. Last Call

Tony Kaikkonen - Vocals
Teemu Liekkala - Guitars, Bg. vocals
Tero Luukkonen - Guitars
Pasi Pasanen - Drums
Petteri Vaalimaa - Bass

Idiot Factory (2013)
Round II (2014)
Collect Your Scars (2016)



Released 2018-03-23
Reviewed 2018-05-22


secret entertainment

Going for an EP this time, Finnish band Red Elven with three albums in their discography, the latest released in 2016 and the first in 2013. The first one has a great title. They are back with the label Secret Entertainment where they released their first album after a spell at Lifeforce Records, the new EP is called Fueled by Fire and it contains five tracks and plays for twenty minutes. It comes in a red cover and I can’t really say that it looks very exciting, the music is much more interesting than the looks.

On description the music probably falls under the hard rock/metal category somewhere in the heavy rock not quite heavy metal position. But it is a quite diverse production and you would spend some time counting names if you would like to namedrop bands they share musical elements with but I think the general description will have to do with some added depth I suppose. Good sound and good vocals are what they offer, decent variation as well – I think this is a good production and comparing it with the videos I have seen from previous material I think they stick to their established style for this EP that is the last release with drummer Pasi who has now left the band and been replaced by Samuli Saari.

Of course I would rather have seen them release an album as the EP-format all too often seems to be on the short side, like there is something missing from the picture. This would have been better as a whole if there were more songs, as that would have given room for more dynamics and depth. This album feels a bit in between like the heavy metal fans will not quite be appealed due to the lack of heaviness and the fans of the more melodic stuff like AOR or that sort of thing will find it lacking the melody and finesse as well as the polished sound of the stuff they like. I tend to wonder who the fans are, who will be the target audience and I think that could work a little bit against this good little EP.

Deceptively simple and with more depth than you first think is how I see this album now that I am trying to write the conclusion of my work with this review. I think it is rather good and those who have liked their previous works will like this, a little question on the target audience as the EP risk falling a little between the chairs but that doesn’t prevent it from being rather good with the third track Redneck’s Promised Land being the highlight. The final track is a good way to end as well, good stuff from the Finns – that is my conclusion today.








Label: Secret Entertainment/Inverse Records
Three similar bands: Faith no More/Machine Men/Swallow the Sun
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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