Rainfall Today

01. Never Never
02. Hate
03. Gravity
04. Вдвоем (To Get Her)
05. Eternal Emotion
06. Wife On Mars
07. Headshot
08. Deeptown
09. It’s Time To New Life
10. The End
11. Не Убежать (Do Not Run Away)

Yana Samarina – Vocals
Dmitriy (Sam) Samsonenko – Guitar
Alexander Prokhorov – Guitar
Alexander Korolev – Keyboards/Electronic

In Your Head (EP 2016)


Recording: Recodzman Studio, Ravenloft Records & Alex Spiridonov
Mixing: Andrew Grihailov at SoundChop Studio

Released 2018-06-28
Reviewed 2018-10-30


sliptrick records

Russian rain today, that is what I have a look at and then I write some words about. The debut album of the Russian quartet Rainfall Today is called Eternal and it has a fairly interesting artwork, not a great artwork but fairly thought provoking. And there are more that teases the mind in the press material, like this quote: “It is generally accepted that the Earth is our home. But there are too many people on Earth who feel like a stranger here. And what if somewhere far away, maybe even in another galaxy, each of us has a planet of our own?” When reading that I come to think of the same as in many sci-fi written by slightly less knowledgeable writers, why another galaxy? There are an estimated 100-400 billion stars in our galaxy and that would mean that there are more than enough planets for all of us in this galaxy and whichever planet you looked at in this galaxy is very far away.

At the shores of a mountain lake on my planet on the other side of the black hole in the centre of this galaxy I listen to this album and think that it is a modern female fronted hardrock/metal album. It does convey some dreamy atmospheres, some interesting melodies, good vocals and pretty good soundscapes overall – a nice production. Relatively varied as well, perhaps not overly original and not a feeling of galactic space adventures and perhaps not even a good album for the road to this great planet I have with nice climate and no idiots – too bad I can’t spend all my time there. The album is not too long and that is always a positive thing, it is not long enough for anyone to find it a bit much.

I think that this album is good, the songs works well even though there aren’t any real standout tracks – but there are no really weak ones either. They do what they do pretty well even though I would like to have had some more space adventures, some more dramatic tunes would not have heard. It is not a very memorable album either, it doesn’t really make any kind of lasting impression, kind of like the lightest shortest drizzle on a hot summer day, it dries up pretty quickly. That’s what I think happens with this album as well, fairly interesting and dreamy but also quickly forgotten and not the kind of album that I am most inclined to listen to when I enjoy the landscapes and peace of my own planet far away from here.

Not really the eternal sound the name of this album might seem to indicate but it is not a bad album, I would say that it is quite fine. If you like the similar bands, or just female fronted stuff, or if you like to explore the Russiun rockers it is probably a good album to have a look at. I think that the ending song with a Russian title is the best of the album, not by a huge margin but a good way to end a debut album that I think can be described as promising. It is good enough to enjoy for a little while but they need to do better if they want to make a more lasting impression. And by the way, it is actually snowfall today.







Label: Sliptrick Records
Three similar bands: Asking Alexandria/Evanescence/Deftones
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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