Radiant Knife
Science Fiction

1. Stereo Lords
2. Wasted Minds
3. All We Know Is All We Are
4. The Human Condition
5. Awakened
6. Swarming Lights Surround You
7. Withered Hands
8. Suffer Under God

Stephen Sheppert - Guitars, Synth, Vocals
Greg Travasos - Drums

Radiant Knife (EP 2017)


Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Radiant Knife at Bible Black Studios

Released 2018-08-08
Reviewed 2018-07-15


Pink seems to be the deal for this American duo who release an album that I just cannot overlook, it is called Science Fiction. I love Science Fiction, especially that which brings us to adventures in space on cool spaceships and that sort of thing. The question is whether or not this album beats that kind of adventure through its musical adventure or if it is better to watch some great sci-fi show instead. I like the cover by the way, and it is kind of cool with that cover and pink vinyl. So what about the music?

I think the press text describes it funnily: “heavy aural trips tangled in a web of off timings, layered psychedelic synth/vocal textures, and drumming reminiscent of Brad Elrod meets Billy Cobham.  Although often lumped into the post-metal category, Radiant Knife's broad sonic spectrum lands somewhere between experimental projects such as Zebulon Pike, King Crimson, Willpower era Today is the Day and Zombi.” Crystal clear wouldn’t you say? Except for King Crimson I had to google every name in the comparison, though I know post metal and that along with sludge and perhaps stoner metal is probably the best genre definition of this band. The riffs are heavy and the synths add a bit of psychedelic depth along with vocals that are sparse and never really dominant in the songs. Somewhat monotonous I think, and the songs kind of float together into one, and it is not into one long journey through space but something a bit less defined than that.

Not my favourite sci-fi metal album, there are a few that are way better. Still, it is a good listen and I think it sounds really well with good balance and pretty decent depth. The vinyl version is probably a better choice since that one is two tracks shorter, and that would be a benefit as the eight tracks feels a bit too much. I think it is probably a good album for those into the style of music these guys have to offer, it is powerful and has a good atmosphere, I think it is rather good but perhaps not that radiant. Perhaps not for the wider audience, I guess one distinction could be that if you don’t recognise the names in the quote from the press material it is not for you.

Killer records are not that numerous and this one named Science Fiction had me hoping but it doesn’t deliver up to that level, there is another Science Fiction themed album at the top of the Hallowed music tower this year and this one isn’t really close. And in the choice between this and a good sci-fi show, like Babylon 5 or Farscape I would chose the sci-fi show every time. The American duo does okay here but it is not as radiant as their name, but as the footnote I think that fans of the post metal/ sludge and that kind of music should definitely have a look at this album.






Label: independent
Three similar bands: Intronaut/Mastodon/Today Is The Day
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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