Epic Loon OST

01. Epic Loon Theme
2. In space, no one can hear you make yourself a sandwich
3. Nostromo cryo system : fresh ice cream guaranteed !
4. An S.O.S from LV426 takes 6M years to reach Belgium
5. Acheron, the Calpamos moon, is also the name of our cat
6. Xenomorphs are just big chickens
after all
7. For the smile of a child with a dolphin t-shirt
8. Evil nutshells with hay fever vs all people named Renee
9. Did prehistoric gira es wear long ties?
10. It’s way too hot to drink rustproof engine oil
11. The best vacuum cleaners were produced during the Cenozoic era
12. Tyrannosaure+Châlet/7=Taupiniere-(n/Saumon)2
13. Damned raptors !
14. Programming naughty pictograms in Python
15. Epic Boss Theme
16. Un quadrilobe à palmette eurdelysé, ça a du chien
17. Even in the Carpathians, taking a train is still faster than riding a ghoul
18. What would Chester Copperpot have to say about this ?
19. A quantum mirror may generate self-petrified gorgons
20. Tidal energy through a rat’s perspective
21. Cette année, on anticipe les mites avec un inhibiteur de la pompe
à proton
22. Fishermen’s villages usually hide ninjas
23. Luckily, reptiles use condoms. Phew ! No chlamydia this time...
24. Bubbles will be crapped in glue over Tokyo’s harbour
25. Muzzle, snout, re, muzzle
26. Death by uranium hexa uoride
27. Mullet haircut Grand nale
28. Score Theme Extended (Bonus Track)
29. Epi the Clown (Bonus Track)


Nicolas Sénac - Guitars
Antony Miranda - Bass, moog, guitars
Ben Bardiaux - Keys
Aymeric Thomas - Drums, percs, keys, electronics
Nils Cheville - Guitars, keys

2010 - Rococo Holocaust
2013 - Hyperblast Super Collider
2013 - Le Tournoi des Légendes OST
2014 - Blastbit Rococollider (EP)
2015 - Futurologie (EP)
2016 - Repump The Pectine (EP)

2017 - Diabolicus Felinae Pandemonium


Recording : Plimptphlymst Studio
Mixing : Simon Capony and Aymeric Thomas at Basalte Studio
Mastering : Simon Capony at Basalte Studio

Released 2018-04-13
Reviewed 2018-04-18


apathia records

Can't say that it is too often but every now and then I get an album by pussies to review, this time it is the French pussies in Pryapisme that meows for attention. They have put together a kind of soundtrack that is a kind of nostalgic Nintento soundtrack visiting classic films of the eighties and nineties. It is claimed that it is about the adventures of four aliens who invade pastiches of the 80s / 90s cult movies. And as the cats were handed free reign the result had to be at best, a plagiarism, at worst an abyssal artistic void, in other words an Epic Fail - at least according to the press material. Bud considering how funny and good the satanic cat pandemonium from last year is it might actually be something else entirely; the album that Nintento should have made back in 1991.

According to recent science it is as difficult to describe the music of Pryapisme in words as it is to eat cat food - quite near impossible. Therefore it would be pointless to seriously try, but one thing about the music is that it makes you think of those old two-dimensional games from youth long ago in a time when cellophanes were impossible to put in the pocket and the smartphone wasn't even envisioned by anyone. Add to that a portion of humour and some insights from those classic movies, things you probably didn't quite know. For example the knowledge of how long it takes for an SOS from LV426 to reach Belgium, the long time is partly down to distance but also because the Belgian communication isn't quite compatible with the one used on LV426, the times is shorter to Italy or Bulgaria. Luckily for the SOS-callers it isn't too bad as Xenomorphs are just big chickens after all; something Cameron didn't know for the sequel.

Totally fun and amusing stuff, some Nintendo nostalgia along with great songs and a pixelated sense of twodimensionality - how great is that? Very great is what I would say, with pixelated cats and brilliant song titles it can't be bad. The biggest problem I have is that Pepper enjoys this album and sings along with it and he sings really badly, even if you consider that he is a strange creature. But perhaps he wants to be heard after having made himself many sandwiches in space and eaten them together with some ice cream he made in the cryogenic systems of Nostromo, something you missed in the movie, as Ridley Scott didn't want to show a more humane side of the big chicken. It is a great twodimensional adventure with pixelated cats, really enjoyable stuff but remember not to share the enjoyment with Pepper as that can be a bit annoying.

Super Nintendo, avant-garde an epic loony adventure, this is a really highly recommended album that I think you should have a closer look at. The pussies really know how to make a great soundtrack, and it is definitely not an epic fail - far from it. And I have learnt that it is unwise to make yourself a cat food sandwich in space, as you cannot eat it while wearing a space suit - a soundtrack for the internal communication system of the Nostromo.





Label: Apathia Records
Three similar bands: Estradasphere/Nintendo 8-bit music/Pepper

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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