Primal Instinct

1. Welcome Genocide
2. All In
3. Adrenaline
4. Paranoia
5. Amongst The Sheep
6. We Are
7. Fortunate Son


Simon Jansson - Vocals
Alexander Svärd - Guitar
Marcus Sörensson - Guitar
Micke Lennartsson - Bass
Christer Lennartsson - Drums



Recorded, mixed and produced at Leon Music and ES music

Released 2018-01-18
Reviewed 2018-03-24


Hardrock’n’roll is how the Swedish band, from the more uncivilised parts of the country, describe their music in the press material. I have been playing their debut album Terrified many times now and that is why I am writing some lines about what I have heard. Besides the initial description they also use a sort of troglodyte way to describe themselves, full of adrenaline, high octane and untamed is what they write – a description that in reality would have led to a mass of noise and not much substance. And substance is something I think they have, their debut album has to be described as something quite interesting.

On this album that is actually best described as hardrock’n’roll or perhaps raw hard rock with a thrashy feel to it, we can find seven tracks where the ending one is a Creedence cover. It is high energy rock throughout and they don’t really let up, it is also short and to the point with the album playing for only 23 minutes. An intense experience perhaps, an intense album with very good sound and production – quite impressive in many regards. The vocalist fits quite well with a raw hoarse way of singing and the album feels quite easy to take to from the first go – I think it is music that will work very well on the live stage.

Bright eyed and bushy tailed album by a band that probably can be described the same way, a good album I think. The songs are all quite good and the only slight negative I can see is the lack of originality and that the ending cover song is the best song on the album and not one of the songs the band has written. Though the opening track Welcome Genocide deserves an honourable mention as that is also a very good song, and I like the album. It is an album that I think can be well worth checking out.

Overall I find this to be a good album, it has good energy, it is powerful and it is fun – it is worth looking closer at if you like the simpler raw kind of hard rock music. It is an album with good production but perhaps it lacks a bit of originality but perhaps they are mainly looking at making music that works well on stage and I am fairly sure that this music will work well on stage so perhaps they should be seen as an entertaining live band. My ending conclusion has to be that this is a strong debut album, which could be worth checking out.




Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Motörhead/Five Finger Death Punch/Grand Massive

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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