Perzonal War
Neckdevils - live

01. Time of Lies
02. Born
03. Speed of Time
04. Mother Darkness
05. My Secret
06. Devil in my Neck
07. This dead Meaning
08. Incarnation
09. Putrefaction of Mind
10. Nothing remains at All
11. Burning Symbols
12. The Last Sunset
13. The Unbeliever
14. Metalizer
15. When Time Turns Red
16. 5 More Days

01. Time of Lies
02. Born
03. Bleeding
04. Speed of Time
05. Mother Darkness
06. Hornet
07. My Secret
08. Devil in my Neck
09. The Insider
10. This Dead Meaning
11. Incarnation
12. Hope Dies Last (Acoustic)
13. The Same Blood (Acoustic)
14. Never Look Back (Acoustic)
15. Open my World
16. Demonstration of Power
17. Putrefaction of Mind
18. Nothing remains at all
19. For the Last Time
20. My Conspiracy
21. Divergent
22. Burning Symbols
23. The Last Sunset
24. Evolution
25. Regression of the Art
26. The Unbeliever
27. Metalizer
28. When Time Turns Red
29. 5 more Days

Matthias Zimmer – Vocals and Guitar
Andreas Ballnus – Guitar
Björn Kluth – Bass
Martin Buchwalter – Drums

The Inside (1998)
Newtimechaos (2000)
Different But The Same (2002)
Faces (2004)
When Times Turn Red (2005)
Bloodline (2008)
Captive Breeding (2012)
The Last Sunset (2015)

Inside the New Time Chaoz (2016)

Arcadius Antonik
Sasha Assbach
Dom Fox
Christoph “Gonzo” Lücker
Frank Buchwalter
Sascha Kerschgens
Sven Schmoll
Victor Smolski

Recorded at the Kubana Siegburg
Mixed and mastered by Martin Buchwalter at Gernhart Studio, Troisdorf
Cover and booklet design by Matthias Zimmer
Live and booklet pictures by Michael Schifforst and Norbert Novak
Production by Backcrossfilm
Camera by Jean-Marc Lehmann and Time Trampert
Production assistance: Jürgen Trampert
Cutting by Tim Trampert

Released 2018-04-27
Reviewed 2018-04-22



Live albums isn’t something I want to see released every other year, I think those shall be reserved for something special otherwise they just become pointless releases that only serve to supplement a band’s income. Perzonal War might possibly agree with this sentiment, at least they have not released a live album before this one, an album that celebrate that twenty years has passed since the band’s first album was released in 1998. And it is a special show featuring guest appearances from previous band members, as well as some other prominent guests. And not only that, we get a CD with sixteen tracks and a DVD with almost thirty tracks commemorating the fact that it has gone twenty years since the band released their first album.

In terms of music it is natural that we get the music that Perzonal War has played during their career, with some acoustic tracks to add some variation. Mostly it is thrash metal that is quite inspired by the like of Metallica, and it is well performed, the sound is very good and while it may not be overly varied it steel has a flow thanks to the numerous song being from different albums. The audience could have been louder but it sounds good nonetheless, it is a well-produced live album. Perhaps not very fresh or exciting for the outside observer, it feels targeted mostly at their existing fans, kind of like the preceding album that was a rerecording of the first two albums the band made. Really good vocals was one thing that struck me while playing through this album and that the title is probably from the song Devil in My Neck, which is one of the best songs of this album.

Video-wise there might be something more to desire, it is not the same great video production as on the Ayreon release I reviewed some time ago but I think that is a matter of how much money there is to spend. The filming is solid and looks quite good, I think the cutting could have been a bit faster at times and that they could have brought in the audience a bit more to give it a more dynamic feel. Nevertheless, it is a solid video and sound production, a good live album and certainly a very nice document over this band’s first twenty years. I think the band’s fans will enjoy this quite a lot and other music fans will also find it to be a good album but I am not sure that it will make a lasting impression on the more casual observer.

Entertainment for the fans, I know I have enjoyed it quite a bit and I will most certainly keep Neckdevils along with my other Perzonal War albums – but I am a bit of a fan of this band so I am somewhat biased. In the end I think that they make a nice document over their first twenty years but perhaps not the most memorable album I have heard. The fact that the bonus interviews is in German and the talk between songs as well is a little minus as it takes away a little from the international audiences but it is still an enjoyable live album that is highly recommended for their fans.






Label: Metalville
Three similar bands: Metallica/Megadeth/Anthrax

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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