Fallen America

01. Fallen America
02. Lately
03. Lifestyle
04. Desert Trip
05. Out Of The Cage
06. Iknusa
07. The Misanthrope
08. Under My Feet


Mattia Briggi - Vocals
Francesco Bozzato - Guitars
Bruno Zocca - Keyboards, Synths
Douglas D'Este - Drums



Produced by Pacino
Mixed & Mastered by Oscar Burato @ Atomic Stuff Studio, Isorella (BS - Italy)
Graphics by Roberta Bianchini

Released 2018-06-01
Reviewed 2018-09-23


sneakout records

No, it is not Al Pacino who has strolled onto the path of music; it is an Italian rock band that is releasing their debut album. They call this debut Fallen America an album they started recording in 2017 and released this summer, and one has to think that the title is quite fitting considering how America looks today. The artwork is not that exciting, though it is quite American and I can’t say that it is one of the worst artworks I have seen – just quite uninteresting. But what about the album? How good is it?

It is not really that exciting from the stylistic outlook, they build their songs in the usual rock music way and while the use of synth bass in stead of the bass guitar gives a slight edge but not much. The vocalist is a typical rock singer but doesn’t really stand out compared with most other bands in the so-called alternative rock genre. A touch of grunge, slightly raw, not much variation, short and to the points with eight tracks and 33 minutes of playing time – doing short albums like that is always a positive.

I can’t claim that I am very impressed with what I get to hear from Pacino; the music is okay but quite bland. They keep from being really bad but they never approach being really good either. They don’t have anything that stands out from the pack and there is nothing on this album that really catch my attention, soon I have grown quite bored with it. I realise after playing through the album once or twice I know that I can do much better without this album, it is an album that most likely won’t appeal to a very wide audience – there is nothing special about it.

In the end I am sorry to say that for most of us it would be a waste to look up this album, it is an okay debut but not one you remember or want to play. I think Pacino has a long way to go before they make something exciting, something that I really want to listen to – this is an album that I can do very well without, and I think that is true for most of us.




Label: Sneakout Records/Burning Minds Music Group
Three similar bands: Faith No More/Stone Temple Pilots/Foo Fighters

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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