Orphan Skin Diseases
Dreamy Reflections

1. Into A Sick Mind
2. Flyin’ Soul
3. The Storm
4. Rapriest (Stolen Innocence)
5. Do You Like This?
6. As A Butterfly Grub
7. Awake
8. Leave A Light On
9. Sorrow & Chain
10. The Wall Of Stone
11. Waves
12. Just One More Day – She Was (Intro)
13. Just One More Day – Fatherend
14. Just One More Day – She Was (Outro)

Gabriele Di Caro - vocals
Juri Costantino - bass
David Bonggianni - guitar
Massimiliano Becagli - drumss



Recorded at Paraphernalia Studio & Atomic Stuff Studio, Italy
Remixed and Mastered at Atomic Stuff Studio, Italy

Released 2018-07-13
Reviewed 2018-08-16

logic il logic

Skin diseases are one of the latest things to come out of Italy and they are coming up with some dreamy reflections for their debut. And they reflect on a range of subjects like the depletion of the natural resources of this planet, human emotions, and capitalism, so they offers some takes on difficult subjects. Not that it really matters as it is the music that makes an album great, but strong lyrics can add an extra dimension to a great album. The back of the CD looks quite good but the front cover is far from interesting or exciting, it actually looks a bit drab. But as it isn’t the cover that matter, it is the music – so what about that music? Does it beat a skin disease?

Kind of hardrock or metal of a pretty standardised type with strong production and vocals, with some atypical elements and that kind of thing is what we get to hear when we are listening to this album. Perhaps the lyrics are reflecting but I don’t really think there are much dreamy reflections to be heard when listening to this album. An album with fourteen tracks where the last three is a trilogy is what we are getting from this album, perhaps a little bit on the long side but the ending is good so it makes up for that a little bit. I think the vocalist is good and that the album shows some catchy and powerful songs, there is sing-along potential in many of the tracks of the album meaning that there is a decent hit potential here.

I think that this album is a good one, but I would like a little bit fresher sound and perhaps a bit shorter album. A solid but somewhat unexciting album, well made in every regard and it should go down well with those who enjoy the classic hardrock/metal music. I think there are some strong songs on this album, like the ending trio and the opening pair of songs – there is a bit of hit potential here and there but perhaps not any fantastically strong hits. I think these Italians play it a little bit safe, but they also play it well and this can certainly be described as a strong debut.

Not a fantastic album, but it is a good and a fun album, fairly enjoyable is probably a way I would describe this album. More of the dreamy reflections would have been preferred, and perhaps a fresher and more exciting album from a creative standpoint. It is a very agreeable album and it certainly beats getting a skin disease. A promising debut that perhaps promises a bit more than it delivers, but these guys have a good foundation from where they can put together something really exciting in the future. And that concludes my dreamy reflections about skin diseases and stuff like that.






Label: Logic Il Logic Records
Three similar bands: No Remorse/Sabotage/Outlaw
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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