1. Red Lion
2. Bee
3. Androgyny
4. Resurrection
5. Dragon’s Kiss
6. Triumph

Olivia Hadjiioannou

Sleeping World (EP 2013)
Synemotion (2015)


Composer: Oh.
Mixing & Mastering: Oh.

Released 2018-07-27
Reviewed 2018-11-03



Her name is to complicated to pronounce, at least to those not speaking Greek, so she decided to use her initials as the moniker for her music. And she is an accomplished musician that has been much praised during her yet brief period releasing EPs albums and songs. Today I am writing about her new EP Metallia that is a six-track and 27 minutes long thing of instrumental progressive metal. It looks kind of interesting but does it sound as interesting as it looks?

That is a good question and the answer is probably yes at it is something as unusual as a creative musical creation, not every day we get to write something like that. It is well made, well produced, skilfully executed and many other things. Instrumental progressive metal with some choir vocals but it is the instrumental and mainly the guitar virtuosity that is in focus, this girl sure knows how to play the guitar and many other instruments. Quite impressive in that regard. The production is good, the sound works really well and the variation is good all the way through Metallia.

I find this EP to be quite good, it has been fairly enjoyable to listen through the 27 minutes it plays for many times over and I must have played it a few hundred minutes now that I put these words into the electronic document that makes this review. And I find this to be quite refreshing with good ideas and so on. But while it is so good I find that the album isn’t really catching my fullest attention, my mind wander to other things when I listen and in the end I find myself being not much more than half-interested in what I am hearing. But it is an album that feels quite progressive and chances are good that they will be liked by many, and I don’ think that it is an indifferent album which is always a good thing.

If you like progressive metal or instrumental rock/metal I think this is an album that is very well worth checking out. This girl certainly knows what she is doing and while this album isn’t the most impressive I have heard, I still think that it is an indication of someone with the potential of creating something quite wonderful at some point in the future. This album has its moments and I like it, but it is not one of the more memorable albums I have heard.




Label: Independent
Three similar bands:
Kate Bush/Auf Der Maur/Chiasmata
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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