1. Spectral Warrior
2. Honor And Glory
3. In The Arms Of A queen
4. Bells From Babylon
5. Shine In My Galaxy
6. I Throught I Was A King
7. Evil Spell
8. Punished By The Crowd
9. Facing The Enemies
10. Race Is On
11. Dreamers Believers

Jo Amore – Vocals
David Amore – Drums & Machines
Markus Fortunato – Bass
Steff Rabilloud – Guitars
Florian Lagoutte – Guitars



Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Pat “Magician” Liotard at Peek Studio in South of France




Yes, as you suspected we are dealing with a French band and it is their debut album. But don’t think the quintet is made up of newcomers, 60% are from the band Nightmare who had their best era in the early years of the 2000s and then two more competent musicians to complete the line-up. Old fans of Nightmare might feel excited and the artwork is rather nice I think, the logo looks pretty good as well. They also send along a live DVD with this album, I will gloss over that though as it is a debut album and the DVD doesn’t look like the most exciting production I have ever seen. But what about the album then?

A heavy-/power metal production is probably the best way of describing it, quite chorus driven and with a highly energetic vocalist. A vocalist that reminds me of the lives of Lande and his peers, pretty good vocalist I think with lots of raw energy. Decent production with a sound that feels fairly strong and some nice guitar lines also adds good points for the album. But it lacks any originality and you soon notice that you get a fairly typical selection of songs and soon the album starts feeling a bit on the long side – perhaps you will even grow somewhat bored playing through it.

With a lack of creative thinking and creative song ideas the hope of standing out is left to doing really great songs and with a great vocalist they certainly have the chance to do so. But they do not. The album doesn’t really stand out in any way and I find myself having trouble not yawning when listening through the album, it is a fairly dull album that needs some imagination and better songs. Fans of Nightmare might find things they recognise and like when listening through this album but I doubt it is an album with any kind of wide appeal, it is probably only destined to be forgotten.

Not an album to really bother with, it isn’t bad or anything like that and you can listen to it. But it is easy to grow tired with it and that happens quite fast and then the yawning begins and it is difficult to really pay attention to it all the way to the end. As I stated before I think that it might perhaps appeal to the fans of Nightmare and perhaps some other fans of power and heavy metal but in the end it is really difficult to see this album have much of an appeal in the grander scheme of things. So in the end I think the conclusion will have to be that this is not the most impressive album ever.





Label: ROAR ! Rock Of Angles Records
Three similar bands: Now Or Never/Nightmare/Fortunato
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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