01. Underjorden
02. Seskarö
03. Svarta Ljus
04. Bödlarna
05. Efterskalv
06. Ekarnas Löv
07. Aldrig Vilande Väntan
08. Tomma Gränder
09. Hvem är du Lucifer?
10. Liv för Död

Lasse Gunnarsson – Bas
Erik Sundler – Trummor & Slagverk
John Grahn – Gitarr & Sång
Andreas Swan – Gitarr

Mysteriet (2013)


Inspelad, producerad & mixad av Mysteriet.
Mastrad av Magnus Lindberg på Redmount Studios.

Released 2017-12-01
Reviewed 2018-01-08


Swedish rock music with a fresh sense of nostalgia, seventies styled rock music with energy and feel. They call their second album Efterskalv, it means Aftershock if you translate it – perhaps following the main shock of their self titled debut released four years ago. That album was self titled, called The Mystery if you translate the name and it was well received by Swedish rock press. Now they are widening their expression a bit more while still retaining the rock that smells of the seventies.

I think it is pretty fresh rock music with plenty of energy and a vein of seventies nostalgia. The vocals are all in Swedish and fit the style of the band really well. Pretty good variation over the songs as well and they keep it all short and to the point, fans of nostalgic rock and of more modern energetic rock should find this album quite appealing.

I like this album, the songs are good and the album is easy to like from the first time you play them. It is an album that doesn’t really have any particular weaknesses, sure it may be called a weakness that the songs are in a language that no one understands but that could also be a strength considering that most albums in other languages than English feels a bit exotic in the world of music. Efterskalv should appeal to both the nostalgic crowds and those who enjoy the more modern music, it is good music for everyone to like. It may not be the most unique album ever bit it is good enough and fresh enough to make an impression.

It may not send earthquakes or aftershocks around the music world but it sounds really good and I can recommend having a look at it. It is an appealing album that I have enjoyed listening to; it presses the right buttons so it receives a thumb up from myself and probably many others. It is definitely an album worth having a look at.






Label: Pigeon Song Records / Sound Pollution
Three similar bands: Kiss/Black Sabbath/Hellacopters
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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