Moscow Death Brigade

01 Renegade Stomp
02 What We Do
03 Anne Frank Army Pt II
04 Boltcutter
05 All for One
06 Straight Outta Moscow Pt II
07 Collateral Murder
08 Brother & Sisterhood (Remix)
09 Rudegirl Warrior
10 Crocodile Style
11 Bonus Track – One for the Ski Mask
12 Bonus Track – Papers Please!


Hoods Up (2014)



Released 2018-01-26
Reviewed 2018-01-20


fire and flames

Straight outta Moscow comes this band that calls themselves Moscow Death Brigade, a masked band who in difference to most Russians are against things like sexism, homophobia, warmongering, racism and that sort of thing. No wonder they are masked. They call their new album Boltcutter and it is an album from a band trying to convey their view of a better world through adrenaline-filled music. Their music feels rather political in many regards but the band themselves claim that they are neither political nor preachy or revolutionaries.

Boltcutter can be described as punkish rap metal with many touches of electronic music. It is an album spanning a rather wide variety of styles and they incorporate them into a catchy whole that I think can do down well among a wide range of music fans. The vocals are mostly of the rap-style but it fits the whole of the music pictures really well so it doesn’t really matter that such vocals usually stinks – in this case it works really well. The sound is good and the album is catchy, it also feels short and straight to the point with a dozen short songs that together reach a playing time of about 38 minutes. And that dozen tracks also show a pretty good variation and depth so it stands up well to repeated playing.

What we do as critics is to dissect and analyse an album from many different angles and this album stand up really well to such analysis. It has a fresh sound, the songs are really strong and the album feels both catchy and memorable. It is certainly well worth checking out, it should appeal to most fans of good music. The political aspect they show, and sometime preach through their music could be seen as a negative if you dislike music that takes a political standpoint. But it doesn’t bother me, perhaps because it is hard to argue against a standpoint of openness and peace. Other than that the flaws are minor and you don’t really notice them as the album has far more positive aspects than negative.

Renegade Stomp is a great opening track of this album; it is a great song and sets a good tone for the album. But there are several really great tracks like the title track, Anne Frank Army Pt. II, the ending track Papers, Please! Just to name a few of the most memorable tracks on a most memorable album. I really recommend that you have a close look at what this death brigade has to offer here. This is a damned good album!




Label: Fire and Flames Music
Three similar bands: Hollywood Undead/Era 9/Clawfinger

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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