1. False Reality
2. Rise Above
3. Searching
4. The Spell
5. Awakening
6. Lies All Lies
7. The Calling
8. Witch Hunt
9. When Mad Men Rule
10. Revolution Calls
11. Possessed

Mark Duffy – Vocals
Darren Moore – Drums
Will Philpot – Guitar
Louis Asbury - Guitar
Andy Fisher – Bass

Millennium (1984)
Caught in a Warzone (2016)


Recorded at Coach House Studios in France
Mixed at Ritual Studios in Darlington UK

Released 2017-11-03
Reviewed 2018-02-


Question is why a band that started all the way back in 1982 just has managed to create three albums during that time. But research shows that they disbanded in 1988 and then reformed in a new constellation in 2015. The first album was released in 1984 and then there was another one released in 2016. The new album is called Awakening and it looks and sounds like a classic NWOBHM-album, it has eleven tracks that all have classic heavy metal song titles.

Unadventurous heavy metal adhering to the NWOBHM-format, and it is quite obvious that they have borrowed some of the melodies from a band like Iron Maiden. Awakening isn’t exactly breaking any new musical ground; it is the heavy metal styled distinct choruses; the usual melodies and riffs are also present. The songs are also of the usual variety for a heavy metal album and I don’t think we are treated to any surprises, even the sound is a bit towards the old and not overly modern feeling. Perhaps it is a band of guys who imagine that everything was better in the past and does their best to somehow recreate that past glory.

I think it is a decent heavy metal album with pretty decent songs, nothing overly exciting but it works quite well. If you like that kind of music you will probably like this album as well. Although the lack of a distinctive hit songs, and the lack of fresh ideas might even be a bit problematic for you as this album sounds like something remastered from the eighties rather than something new. But it isn’t bad and heavy metal fans are usually afraid of change so it might just be the right thing for them, and Millennium seems to be the same.

There are better musical choices for the average music fan but I don’t doubt that the heavy metal fan will find this to be a rather appealing album. But it isn’t particularly memorable and there are already hundreds of albums like this and as this has nothing that sets it apart from those it is hard to see a real point to it. You will not be disappointed if you buy the album but I don’t think you will let it spin too much in the record player.





Label: independent
Three similar bands: Iron Maiden/Judas Priest/Saxon
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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