Me Against the World
Breaking Apart

1. Go Away
2. Dead or Alive
3. Defrauded
4. Dying World
5. Say No More
6. Against the World
7. This Day We Fight
8. Breaking Apart
9. Eternal Sorrow
10. Morgans Misery
11. Breaking Apart (Radio Edit)

Martin Lehnert - Bass, Vocals
Samuel Kleefeldt - Drums
Lukas Battenberg - Guitar, Songwriting
Niklas Bukowkski - Guitars



Produced by Lukas Battenberg
Mixed and mastered by Konst Fischer
Artwork and cover design by Jan Yrlund

Released 2018-10-12
Reviewed 2018-12-15



Me Against the World is a hell of a name for a band and they have recently released their debut album Breaking Apart on the Fastball Music label. It is the second time this album is released as they did release it independently at first but that release didn’t get to me but the label one was. And I think that it is an album with a really cool artwork made by the great Yrlund, it probably would look quite cool in a larger format like vinyl or something like that. The press material claim that they have their very own mix of styles etcetera and then they count inspirational bands like Metallica, Iron Maiden, System of a Down, which means that they are one more of those bands with their own style that is inspired by more or less the same thing as every other band.

An album that doesn’t break new ground is how I see it; it reminds me of fellow countrymen like Drone or Perzonal War but also of other rather typical heavy bands. As for their own mix of style, perhaps they have but I don’t really hear it. They do have a decent vocalist and good production, the album is probably slightly long and could be more varied and have more depth but it will probably work quite well for most who listen to it. But I would not describe it as an album that stands out in the grander scheme of things.

The album is rather good; it has some fairly strong songs and decent energy. But all is rather, fairly, decent and words like that, there are no exclamation marks. I would have liked a distinctive hit song, something that would grab the attention and peak the interest of the listener. The best track is probably the title track, it is quite good but like the rest of the album it is good and in the end ultimately a fairly indifferent creation. It is a fine album to listen to, but it will most likely be forgotten fairly quickly.

With that written we can conclude that the debut album for these guys who stand against the world is a pretty good one. It may not be the most memorable album in the world, it may not shatter the world of music but it is still a fine album to listen to. It has good songs and a fine artwork, and it might be worth checking out for those into the more traditional heavy metal or hardrock music.




Label: Fastball Music
Three similar bands: Drone/Iron Maiden/Perzonal War
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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