Cold Star Dancer

1. Dusk
2. Cold Star Dancer
3. Myrmidon
4. Kiss Of Fire
5. Goodbye
6. Ex Machina
7. Magellan Rise
8. Seize The Day
9. Viper
10. Kings
11 Devil's Night
12. Jessie's Girl (bonus track)

David Balfour - vocals
Ryan Balfour - guitar
Richie Diver - bass
Jonathan Millar - drums

2013 Talk's Cheap EP
2014 Quid Pro Quo
2016 Big Red

Anders Wikström
Steve Moore


Released 2018-04-06
Reviewed 2018-08-23



What does it say about a band when the best song on their new album is a cover song, perhaps nothing or perhaps everything? Bands like Status Quo have had some major hits with covers, but of course they had some smashing songs that weren’t covers as well. Maverick did by the way copy Status Quo’s title for their 2014 album that was reviewed by us and it fittingly enough had a best song called Paint by Numbers as this album and that album are as creative as painting by numbers. But lets not get ahead of ourselves when commenting on the band Maverick’s fourth album.

Hardly creative in terms of uniqueness but a pretty strong handiwork in the rock genre from a band inspired by the eighties, it is hardrock for the nostalgic music fan. I think that it is a step up in terms of quality in comparison with the last time I wrote about this band. Pretty good vocalist as well as decent variation with mainly catchy songs and decent melodies and they even keep the playing time short with 45 minutes spread over a dozen tracks if you get the first edition digipak or the vinyl version and those you need to get because otherwise you miss the ending Rick Springfield cover Jessie’s Girl, the best song of the album.

An album that is quite good, good and catchy. An album that will appeal to the nostalgic fellows, something that seems to be a growing group these days, all those old geezers imagining that things were better in the past – this is for them. It is not for those who already have heard countless albums from the eighties and as many copying that style from more recent times. It isn’t a very memorable or creative album, it is good musical craftsmanship with solid songs and it is enjoyable to play for a while but it isn’t a very memorable album. The ending cover is the only memorable song of the album and the only real highlight, kind of proving the point that you need to do something of your own rather than painting by numbers if you want to write and create memorable music.

The nostalgic people will probably find this appealing, it is simple, catchy and good but you forget it very quickly. An enjoyable album for a while but not really one I would buy as there are much more exciting albums out there. I will keep Jessie’s Girl in my music library but the rest of the songs will go and are soon forgotten.





Label: Metalapolis Records
Three similar bands: Iron Savior/Crazy Lixx/White Lion
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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