Malet Grace

1. The Breath of a Psychotic Misfit
2. Redemption of Fear
3. Malerie
4. Sometimes I Need to Die
5. The Constant Rhyme of Perseverance
6. A Compensation of Souls


Giampaolo Polidoro - Vocals/guitar
Alessandro Toselli - Guitar

Andrea Paglierini - Bass guitar
Andrea Giovanetti - Drums

Malsanity (2017)



Released 2018-02-02
Reviewed 2018-01-31



Back already could be one thought when noticing the new release by Malet Grace, they follow up last year’s debut album with a new EP called Humanocide. A six-track EP with quite attractive artwork and some interesting song titles that could be imagined to tell a relatively exciting story, a story about the perverse show we are all a part of. And you will probably have to be quick in order to secure your own copy of the physical release as it comes in only 100 copies, and I can assure you that it would be money well spent to buy it.

Edgy, energetic, thrashy, a bit progressive, a bit raw and rough heavy metal – I think that summarises what we get to hear when we listen to Humanocide. The six tracks show good depth and variation, also strong production where they manages to sound fresh yet maintains a bit roughness around the edges. The vocals are good; I like the passion and how well it fits into the songs. The six tracks take 24 minutes to play through and that feels like a rather good time for this EP to play, enough to listen once but also short enough to play repeatedly.

No particular weakness can I find when I listen through this EP, the songs are all very good, it has depth and energy – everything you could want. They sound fairly fresh as well and compared with the debut album Malsanity from last year I think they have taken a step forward – this is clearly better and I think they are moving forward musically. Two songs also stand out as slightly more memorable than the others, one is the ending track and the other is the fourth track Sometimes I Need to Die.

Excellent is a good way to describe what I think about this EP, great stuff from a promising band. Humanocide comes well recommended, you should especially check out this EP if you like the similar bands or bands like them, but I think it is an EP that could have a rather wide appeal. And perhaps the greatest way to end is by using their native tongue and write: molto bene!




Label: Spiderrock Promotion
Three similar bands: Megadeth/Metal Church/Fates Warning

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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