När rösten i radion sa hans namn

01. Poetens Död
02. Varje Kväll Nånstans
03. Det Dom Kallar Frid
04. I Skuggan Utav Tornet
05. Mantra
06. Sista Beställningen
07. Världen Uppochner (CD bonus)


Mäbe Johansson - Sång och gitarr
Günther Ohlsson - Gitarr
Rasmus Carlsson - Trummor
Kent Andréasson - Bas

Söker lögner får sanning til svar (2010)
Nångång någonstans (2012)
Mot ingenstans och överallt (2014)


Producerad av Jonas Beijer
Mixad och mastrad av Olof Berggren
Omslagsfoto/vykort: Niklas Lövgren

Released 2018-01-26
Reviewed 2018-01-25


Mäbe heard the voice on the radio say his name, and then he and his band might have put together this new EP. Mäbe is a rock band singing in Swedish who have released three albums before this release and Hallowed has reviewed two of them (only in Swedish) and we have liked them both. Mäbe is described as a fresh addition to the Swedish rock scene and the press release also state that the band’s dark rock music has opened the eyes of both the Swedish critics and fans. And as I like what Mäbe has done before I couldn’t help having some hopes for this EP.

And still the music of Mäbe can be described as dark… suggestive… beautiful… dynamic… four words that perfectly describe the dark and relatively simple rock music by these guys. The lyrics takes more place this time and it feels like Mäbe focus more on writing strong lyrics and you might miss out slightly if you don’t speak Swedish – fortunately most people do so that shouldn’t be a problem. The songs are seven on the CD that has a bonus track, the final one is the bonus, and these songs are quite varied through the EP that feels rather short. The vocals are good, they convey the dark rock music in a very strong way – and the production is very good as well.

Beautiful and quite brilliant! That’s a way to describe this EP; I think it has great songs and a dynamic dark feel to it. And there are no weaknesses that I can find, granted I am not using a microscope to look for weaknesses and you will surely find some if you really look for them. Perhaps the language can be seen as one but Swedish is a decent language for music I think and more exotic than English. The songs are all good but the fifth one Mantra is probably the most memorable, the opening and ending bonus track are other standout tracks on a standout EP. As some reviewer wrote; the one who misses this album is stupid – that’s kind of correct I guess.

Ending conclusion will have to be that this is an EP that you should have a closer look at, or be considered stupid. It has been great playing through this EP plenty of times and I haven’t grown tired of it either, great stuff. And like the title perhaps the voice on the radio says Mäbe’s name and plays his music, it sure is music that deserves some attention. A dark… suggestive… beautiful… dynamic… EP that comes highly recommended, check it out!




Label: Twofaced Productions
Three similar bands: Thåström/Imperiet/

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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